The UK’s Biggest J-Culture Event HYPER JAPAN

英国最大級の日本文化イベントHYPER JAPAN

The UK’s biggest J-culture event, launched in 2010. The event introduces the diversity of contemporary Japan, from manga and anime, to music, fashion, food, traditional culture, gaming, technology, tourism and more. In addition to a fantastic line-up of exhibitors (companies and Japanese local government), the event is jam-packed with individual exhibitors, stage performances, workshops, seminars, and more. The event attracts around 30K visitors over three days (of which 99% are non-Japanese). In July 2021, HYPER JAPAN ran their first online event, bringing together around 200K people from 139 countries. In just 1 month HYPER JAPAN ONLINE shared an incredible 82 events and reached 2.2M impressions, with highly satisfied participants.



Japanese Food Promotion EAT-JAPAN

日本食普及プロジェクト EAT-JAPAN

EAT-JAPAN, founded in 1998, is the only media outlet in the UK to specialise in Japanese cuisine. Through the website, events, and the publication of magazines and books, EAT-JAPAN has been providing the UK with accurate and up-to-date information about Japanese food for over 20 years straight from the most reliable source: Japanese people themselves. 


What we offer

High-impact, locally-focused promotions based on 30 years of experience in the UK



Reach 100,000 UK-based fans of Japan with promotion tailored to your product or service



Promotion and planning from the only UK media outlet with 20 years of expertise specialising in Japanese cuisine


Marketing, Promotion, Creatives


Our work includes the planning and organisation of events, seminars, and business conferences on behalf of such clients as the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, JETRO, Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau; production of books, recipes, and pamphlets; production of advertising creatives, promotional materials, and product packaging for manufacturers; market research; and promotion to buyers, influencer marketing and media on behalf of client companies. Feel free to contact us for more details in English or Japanese via the contact form.