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Cosplay Events at HYPER JAPAN Festival

This is information from our 2015 Festival, we’ll be updating this page for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2016 soon.

Cosplay at the HYPER JAPAN Festival 2015 is all about supporting our visitors’ desire to dress up and become the character of their choice, regardless of how their costume is made. That’s right: handmade, shop-bought, cobbled together from knick-knacks in your garage – anything goes! So don’t feel down if the Naruto next to you has spikier hair than yours, or if the pikachu onstage has actual lightning shooting from his tail! This summer it’s all about that sense of fun and excitement when you see yourself in the mirror, and the satisfaction of interacting with others whilst decked out as your favourite character. So what are you waiting for? Get in character and party the day away with the HYPER JAPAN cosplay community at our summer event! You can also check out our Cosplay Map for a guide to locations and places of interest around the venue.

This year we will be hosting our well-known COSParade, as well as a Photo Booth and Cosplayer Tables:

  • For safety reasons, cosplayers are only allowed to carry props as part of their costume as long as they are shorter than 1.5m, made from a lightweight material and have all sharp edges rounded off. If your weapon / prop is heavier or larger than this, there may be issues with venue security, so please keep this in mind.