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PhotoBoothAfter you’ve gone through all the trouble of assembling and dressing up in your cosplay outfit of choice, and have navigated London’s labyrinthine public transport whilst wearing said outfit to get to The O2, the least we can do is to provide you with a special Photo Booth where you can pose to your heart’s content!

Photo Booth is a simple concept. A dedicated area where cosplayers can take, and have their photos taken, with a nice backdrop. This means you don’t have to worry about what’s behind you, or, for that matter, who’s behind you (serial photobombers, you know who you are). The design featured on the backdrop will be a surprise for you to discover after rocking up to the event, so don’t forget to make a beeline for this exclusive mystery area before the queues start forming! And most importantly, get creative with the Photo Booth to maximise your cosplay potential!