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How to Enjoy Shoyu (Soy Sauce) Ramen

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Shoyu ramen is a classic style of ramen made a with soy sauce soup. As you probably already know, soy sauce is a basic ingredient in much Japanese cuisine. Just to let you know, according to research by, shoyu ramen is the most popular kind of ramen in Japan!

Our ramen blogger Morimi suggests that enjoying the taste is not enough… Here are some tips to truly appreciate and enjoy shoyu ramen!

When talking about Japanese ramen, the first type to come up is inevitably shoyu (soy sauce) ramen. Soy sauce plays an indispensable role in the flavour profile of Japanese cuisine, so I suppose this is kind of a given.(*^-^*)

One of the most important aspects of the flavour of shoyu ramen is temperature. The aroma that wafts from the bowl when the hot soup broth is poured in… Shoyu is a fermented food product, so its unmistakable scent changes with temperature. Don’t forget to savor the shoyu fragrance that drifts up as you slurp up the noodles, either! As you eat, the temperature of the broth changes, as does the flavour, meaning that this single dish encompasses a variety of flavours to enjoy. If a full flavour palette is what you’re after, then I definitely recommend shoyu ramen.(*^-^*)

All right, now comes the “advanced segment” – a little bit of knowledge to flaunt next time it comes up! A shoyu-based sauce, called “kaeshi,” is a critical part of shoyu ramen. It’s composed of shoyu, mirin (sweet cooking sake), sake, and ingredients to boost the levels of umami, although these differ from restaurant to restaurant. This means that each place has its own flavour, so give them a try!

(By Morimi – “Morimi’s ‘I wanna be a bowl of ramen!’”)

Of course, the delicious flavour is the key! Remember this when you try shoyu soup at the Ramen Experience!

Her next post will be about a more refined ramen… shio ramen!

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