Asahi-Shuzo Sake Brewing


Prefecture: Niigata

The rice used to brew sake has an enormous influence on its fragrance and taste. For this reason, the Asahi-Shuzo brewery, founded in 1830, works closely with local farmers to develop rice with the perfect qualities for sake brewing.

  • Kubota Junmai Daiginjo

    Type of Sake:Junmai daiginjo
    Rice Variety:Gohyakumangoku
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:50% / 15%
    Best Served:Chilled, Room temp.

    A subtle aroma is followed by an aromatic body of melon, guava and orchard pear. The finish is crisp, sharp and clean, with white pepper and the heady scent of white flowers. Try with turbot, yellowtail sashimi or Mimolette cheese.

  • Kubota Koujyu

    Type of Sake:Junmai ginjo
    Rice Variety:Gohyakumangoku and others
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:55% / 15%
    Best Served:Chilled, Room temp., Warm

    A delicate aroma of white peach and cucumber, mellow and soft acidity with a hint of toasted cereal, ripe figs and pleasant astringency. The perfect accompaniment to deep fried dishes like kara-age or a deep-fried seafood platter.

  • Kubota Senjyu

    Type of Sake:Ginjo
    Rice Variety:Gohyakumangoku
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:55% / 15%
    Best Served:Chilled, Room temp., Warm

    This food friendly sake has a clean aroma of fennel, spearmint and subtle green apple. It has a spicy yet refreshing & crisp aftertaste, and pairs nicely with many dishes. It can be served at a variety of temperatures.

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