Homare Sake Brewery


Prefecture: Fukushima

Founded in 1918 at Aizu, one of Japan’s leading sake areas, Homare carefully brews sake using the water of Mt. Iide, which is super soft and contains a well-balanced mineral content, in cold conditions suitable for sake brewing.

  • Homare Junmai Daiginjo Black Label

    Type of Sake:Junmai daiginjo
    Rice Variety:Yamadanishiki
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:39% / 16%
    Best Served:Chilled

    Pronounced aromas of succulent mango and apricot with honey. This daiginjo has glamour and elegance, with notes of pear candy, aniseed and cinnamon presented in a creamy, velvety texture. Best with blue cheeses (Stilton, Roquefort), lobster, tempura with mango salsa.

  • Yuzu Sake Aladdin Bottle

    Type of Sake:Sake-based fruit liqueur
    Rice Variety:-
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:- / 10%
    Best Served:On the rocks, Chilled

    A beautifully presented, delicately sweet yuzu citrus-infused sake that recalls cloudy lemonade and has bright, cleansing acidity. Try as an alternative to a postprandial limoncello, paired with cheesecake or top up with sparkling wine for an uplifting aperitif.

  • Strawberry Nigori

    Type of Sake:Sake-based fruit liqueur
    Rice Variety:-
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:- / 8%
    Best Served:On the rocks, Chilled

    A fruit-infused cloudy sake that sings with notes of candied strawberry, strawberry purée and cotton candy. Strawberry’s sweet tang complements the creamily textured, mellow nigori for a rich and smooth balance. Enjoy with Eton mess, Bavarian cream or marshmallows.

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