Kikusui Sake


Prefecture: Niigata

This brewery, founded in 1881, is located in Niigata, one of Japan’s most renowned sake brewing areas thanks to its ideal environment for growing rice and brewing sake. From its home in an old castle town, Kikusui respects tradition without being held back by it.

  • Kikusui Funaguchi Original Gold

    Type of Sake:Honjozo
    Rice Variety:Gohyakumangoku
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:70% / 19%
    Best Served:On the rocks, Chilled

    Bold and bolshy, rich with dates, molasses, and dried fruits. Canned straight from the tank to preserve the delicate flavour of undiluted, unpasturised nama sake. Try with lamb chops, Korean barbeque, camembert, mozzarella.

  • Kikusui Mukantei Ginjo

    Type of Sake:Ginjo
    Rice Variety:Gohyakumangoku
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:55% / 15%
    Best Served:On the rocks, Chilled, Room temp.

    A refreshing aroma and sea breeze-bright nose, with juicy acidity in the body, lifted by fresh citrus notes and sea salt. This is a crisp and clean ginjo, excellent served with Brie, stir-fried squid or fresh oysters.

  • Kikusui Perfect Snow

    Type of Sake:Nigori
    Rice Variety:Gohyakumangoku
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:70% / 21%
    Best Served:On the rocks, Chilled

    A full-bodied nigori (cloudy) sake with a dynamic taste with a clean finish. Smooth yet spicy, with a rich, viscous mouthfeel and texture recalling coconut. Ideal as a digestif, in a Pina Colada-type cocktail, with dark chocolate.

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