Prefecture: Hyogo

The history of Ozeki dates back to 1711, when it began to brew sake in the Imazu area of Nada in Hyogo, making the most of the mineral-rich local spring water. Over three centuries later, the brewery continues to pursue innovation while upholding tradition.

  • Kanjuku Umeshu

    Type of Sake:Fruit liqueuer
    Rice Variety:-
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:- / 14%
    Best Served:Chilled

    A perfumed and perfectly ripe fruit liqueur that evokes amaretto and marzipan. Cutting through its viscous sweetness are notes of almond powder and the fragrant spice of cardamom and cumin. Perfect with dark chocolate cake or plum and almond cake.

  • Ikezo Yuzu

    Type of Sake:Sake-based fruit liqueur
    Rice Variety:Akebono and others
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:- / 5%
    Best Served:Chilled

    This yuzu-infused sparkling sake liqueur has a unique jelly formulation, creating a texture explosion of gently sweet, citrus bubbles on your tongue. Enjoy as a conversation-starting aperitif or a mid-course palate cleanser.

  • Hana-Fuga Peach

    Type of Sake:Sake-based fruit liqueur
    Rice Variety:-
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:- / 7%
    Best Served:Chilled

    A remarkably sweet nose of peach iced tea, lychee and longan fruit yogurt candy. This sparkling sake is light, bright and refreshing, with creamy bubbles hinting at velvety custard and lush peach sorbet. Lovely as an aperitif or with fruity desserts.

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