Urakasumi Sake Brewery


Prefecture: Miyagi

Established in 1724, the Urakasumi Sake Brewery is the designated brewer of sacred sake for the thousand-year old Shiogama Shrine. The Urakasumi name is taken from the poetry of Minamoto no Sanetomo, a 12th century Shogun who wrote of the beauty of the region.

  • Junmai Ginjo Urakasumi Zen

    Type of Sake:Junmai ginjo
    Rice Variety:Yamadanishiki, Toyonishiki
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:50% / 15.0-15.9%
    Best Served:Chilled, Room temp., Warm

    A nose of wood and summer berries leads into a beautifully balanced, creamily textured body with elegant hints of fruit. The finish is long with subtle melon notes. Enjoy with fresh seafood, steamed fish.

  • Junmaishu Urakasumi

    Type of Sake:Junmai
    Rice Variety:Manamusume
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:65% / 15.0-15.9%
    Best Served:Chilled, Room temp., Warm

    A light, refreshing junmai embodying the brewer’s standard of classic elegance. Its steady acidity and nose of peach, melon, and pineapple perfectly partner fresh seafood, such as oysters or sushi.

  • Urakasumi's Umeshu

    Type of Sake:Sake-based fruit liqueur
    Rice Variety:-
    Rice Polish Ratio/ABV:- / 12.0-12.9%
    Best Served:On the rocks, Chilled

    Made with locally grown ume fruit and junmai genshu sake, this smooth and refined liqueur has a subtle and natural sweetness, balanced well against crisp acidity. Try with dark chocolate or a stone fruit crumble.

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