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HJ5_IMG_7344The Culture area in our Christmas 2017 will showcase the fascinating world of Japanese culture in both its modern and traditional forms. Martial arts displays, technology, folk music, tea, arts and crafts, travel advice, traditional clothing and many more shows, attractions and goods will be on offer, and visitors are sure to find something which piques their interest. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more awe-inspiring celebration of every aspect of Japanese culture this side of the globe!

HJ_culture_5Amble around the enchanting Tobacco Dock and reflect upon how Japanese culture encapsulates a sublime blend of tradition and progress; of respect for the past and innovation towards the future. For all of you fellow admirers and enthusiasts of Japan, this area is not to be missed!

HYPER Creative Studio

Make your own goldfish lantern, learn how to make cutest curry, or be a kids sushi master!

Place: QS2
Details: here

J-Culture Showcase

Watch Karate, aikido, kendo, or Yuru-chara mascots just in front of you!

Place: North Vault Courtyard
Details: here

J-Culture Activities

Play shogi or go, learn calligraphy painting or origami, create your own snow rabbit or kanzashi!

Place: NV6
Details: here