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Cosplay and COSParade

Cosplay is the art of dressing up and visually becoming the character of one’s choice, and the methods of costume procurement are endless. Handmade, shop-bought, cobbled together from knick-knacks in your garage – anything goes!


Our COSParade returns for the Christmas Market, a non-competitive masquerade where visitors can show off their hard work to an appreciative audience. Don’t feel down if the Naruto next to you has spikier hair than yours, or if the Pikachu onstage has actual lightning shooting from his tail! It’s all about that sense of fun and excitement when you see yourself in the mirror, and the satisfaction of interacting with others whilst decked out as your favourite character.

So what are you waiting for? Get in character and party the day away with the HYPER JAPAN cosplay community this November!


COSTest is back for the November Christmas Market and you are invited! Come dressed in your handmade cosplay outfit of choice and wow the judges for a chance to win a £150 prize voucher from Tofu Cute!
The deadline for registration is Wednesday, 16 November so sign up now!