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Event Areas

HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market has been planned and conceived in order to help find the perfect holiday gift for friends and family, and to introduce the best of Japanese food culture to the UK. Not only is it the perfect occasion to pick up a difficult-to-find gift direct from Japan, your senses will be stimulated as you’re exposed to a wealth of culinary options. The Market has been arranged around several concepts to provide a more immersive experience for our guests. The major areas have been outlined below:


  • Sushi Awards 2015
    Now in its fifth year, the Sushi Awards will be returning to the Christmas Market in a delectable celebration of sushi! Bringing together a short-list of talented chefs from sushi houses around London at the Tobacco Dock, the Sushi Awards 2015 will be an unmissable opportunity to taste their signature sushi creations. As these creations, influenced by culinary traditions around the world, have been created especially for the Sushi Awards – deciding which entree will be awarded the title “Sushi of the Year” will prove to be a most rewarding (and/or agonizing) experience.


  • Sake Cocktail Awards 2015
    Coming to HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market for the first time, the Sake Cocktail Awards will shake up what you know a cocktail to be. Adding a twist of the exotic to familiar cocktail recipes, sake cocktails are the perfect entry point to the world of sake and are guaranteed to spice up any festive occasion. After watching talented mixologists shake up their original creation for you, sample and vote for your favorite. All the sake used in the cocktails will be available for purchase, should you wish to experiment at home as well!


  • Live.Japan
    The Live.Japan stage will feature an assortment of performances and acts from Japan, ranging from from traditional comedy sketches to ever-popular musical number to the latest in AR (augmented reality) performances. With most, if not all of the lineup straight from Japan proper, this area will be your window to the latest scenes in Japanese culture, be it musical, cultural, or technological!


  • HYPER Creative Studio
    Experience an eclectic variety of workshops, known collectively as HYPER Creative Studio! Each workshop will focus on a particular aspect of Japanese culture and present the topic in an easily digestible manner. As the driving concept behind the Creative Studio is a “hands-on approach” each workshop will include some form of interactive activity so visitors should be ready to roll up their sleeves and join in on the activities. Many of the workshops will be centered around the themes of “food” and “gifts” so with Christmas drawing nearer, the HYPER Creative Studio workshops will be a timely activity to add some heft to your holiday plans.


  • Ukiyoe Heroes Ukiyoe workshop
    The ancient art of Ukiyoe woodblock printing is not a skill that is easily learned. Fortunately, the Ukiyoe Heroes & Mokuhankan Print workshop will be teaching this very technique to all who wish to learn. Learn the traditional methods of how multiple woodblock plates are imprinted in succession to create beautiful colored prints. Once you’ve a good grasp of the basics, turn around and apply it to make your own woodblock print. All you need is a steady hand and a keen eye, and you’ll happily leave with your very own woodblock print!


  • J-culture Showcase
    This area focuses on the impressive array of cultural activities Japan has to offer, including stunning acts of martial prowess from a variety of disciplines and graceful movements of traditional dances.