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This winter’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market will take you on a magical sleigh ride to a world of Japanese fashion unrivalled by anything else in the UK! Kawaii ensembles will line up side-by-side with more traditional kimono, and there’ll also be plenty of gorgeous outfits and accessories from UK designers who have been inspired by Japan’s unique aesthetics. Say ‘sayonara’ to the boring old socks and jumpers of yesteryear – things just got a whole lot more exciting underneath your Christmas tree!


Perfect Kawaii Transformation Area
We know lots of time and effort went in to your HYPER JAPAN getup, so show the world your #HYPERJAPAN #OOTD with a photo taken in our photobooth. Not quite feeling photo-ready? Try on one of the wigs on hand to complete your look, or (for a small fee)  get an all-new, Japan-inspired look from one of our skilled makeup artists! This area will also be hosting cosplayer, fashionista, makeup expert and YouTuber extraordinaire  Sophie of PeachMilkyTea, who is joining us as a special makeup lecturer and cosplay judge!




HYPER JAPAN Christmas Fashion Showhjc15 Fashion Show Model
Our famous Christmas Fashion Show is back this winter to introduce visitors to the diverse, creative and colourful world of modern Japanese street fashion. As the UK’s largest exhibitor of J-Style trends, we provide a rare opportunity for local Japanese fashion enthusiasts to step into the limelight and showcase their own creations to a sizeable audience.  Show off that outfit you’ve put so much time and effort into assembling and maybe befriend a few fellow Japanese fashion enthusiasts along the way!