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HYPER JAPAN Community Leader Platform: Terms and Conditions.

HYPER JAPAN Community Leader Platform: Terms and Conditions.   


The HYPER JAPAN Platform (the “Platform”) is intended to be used as a video-conferencing platform for video conferencing tools such as Zoom.  The account (the “Account”) refers to the account provided by Cross Media (variously “Cross Media”, “HYPER JAPAN” or “we”, “our” etc) to the community leader (variously the “Community Leader” or “you”) during the sponsorship period (the “Period”).  This contract (the “Agreement”) shall govern the terms upon which an Account may be used by a Community Leader, and the relationship between Cross Media and a Community Leader.   

  1. Community Leader: Conditions of Platform Use:  
  1. The Platform is available to any person over the age of 16. 
  1. In the event of the Community Leader materially breaching this Agreement (including any policies or guidelines that are part of this Agreement), and in order to protect the HYPER JAPAN brand and the broader HYPER JAPAN community, Cross Media may change, suspend, or terminate the Community Leader’s Account or the Community Leader’s access to the Platform. 
  1. The Community Leader shall be notified of the reasons for changes, suspensions or terminations. Cross Media may also delete Community Leader Accounts that have not been used for a long time. If you believe that any changes, suspensions or cancellations have been made by mistake, please contact us at info@HYPER JAPAN.co.uk


  1. The relationship between Community Leader and Cross Media: 
  1. Cross Media may revise this Agreement from time to time. In case of revision, we will notify the Community Leader by issuing the latest version and changing the date stated at the top of this page. If Cross Media makes any significant changes to this Agreement, we will also notify you by email. 
  1. If the Community Leader commits a material breach of this Agreement, Cross Media may suspend or terminate the Community Leader’s Account, or prevent access to live events. 


  1. About the Platform provided by Cross Media: 
  1. Subject to compliance with this Agreement, Cross Media will access and oversee use of the Platform and its services (such as Zoom Account) provided to Community Leaders. The Community Leader is granted exclusive, revocable, non-sublicensable and non-transferable rights. 
  1. Since Cross Media is committed to the continuous improvement of the Platform, there is a possibility of Cross Media modifying or discontinuing part or all of the Platform, either temporarily or permanently, with or without notifying the Community Leader or any other third party, and without any resultant liability to the Community Leader or any third party.  
  1. The Platform includes links to third party sites (such as Zoom) and integrates the content and products of external vendors with various third party services, applications and sites for the benefit of Community Leaders.  Cross Media has no authority over these third parties and is not responsible for their sites, services, content or products. Such third parties may have their own business terms and policies, and if Community Leaders use these sites, services, content or products, the business terms and policies of that third party company apply. 


  1. Community and Meetup Events Data: 
  1. Community Leaders are responsible for the content that they post or send to HYPER JAPAN and the Platform. The Community Leader grants Cross Media permission to use such content for the operation, improvement, promotion and protection of the Platform. 
  1. The term “content” here means information or other relevant material submitted by the Community Leader to the Platform. Examples of Community Leader content: 
  • Materials posted on the Platform by organizers and members, including information, comments, and photos from communities and Meetup events. 
  • All feedback, tips and other messages you sent to the Platform. 
  1. Community Leaders agree to the following: 
  • You have all necessary permits, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, contractual right, privacy right or publicity right, to provide content to the Platform.  
  • Content of Community Leader does not include personal information, confidential information or confidential information attributed to others. 
  • Content of Community Leader does not violate the rights of other individuals or corporations. 
  1. Cross Media does not claim ownership of Community Leader content. However, in order to enable us to operate, improve, promote and protect Cross Media and the Platform, and to ensure that Cross Media does not violate Community Leader content rights, while the Community Leader uses the Platform (to host, store, reproduce, modify, publish, open to the public, perform, distribute, produce secondary works, and use their own content) non-exclusive, worldwide, permanent, irrevocable, royalty-free, sublicensing rights (to commercialize and use your own copyrights), trademarks, publicity rights, database rights, transferable rights and licenses (including waiver of any moral rights) are granted under this Agreement. Such licenses allow the Community Leader content to remain on the Platform even after the Community Leader ceases to be a member of the HYPER JAPAN Group or the Platform.  The Community Leader may request the deletion of content to Cross Media if he so wish.  
  1. Data including still images and videos that capture Meetup events remain the property of Cross Media. 
  1. Cross Media collects information about Community Leaders, such as registration information, through the Platform. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about how Cross Media collects, uses and discloses this information.  
  1. Cross Media requires Community Leaders to comply with Cross Media policies and guidelines when using the Platform. Cross Media is not responsible for content posted by third parties on the Platform. 
  1. Cross Media does not manage the content of other members. If Cross Media discovers that inappropriate content is present on the platform, Cross Media reserves the right to investigate it and take appropriate action, but we will not be responsible for the content of other members.  


  1. Meetup Events and Member Interaction: 
  1. Community Leaders must not solicit donations from (including sending items to) Meetup participants (“Member”). 
  1. Cross Media is not party to arrangements for Meetup Events held through the Platform.  Cross Media does not verify the identity of any Member, nor does it attempt to verify the truthfulness or accuracy of any Member statement. Cross Media makes no representations or warranties regarding the behavior or content of any Member, or the interaction between a Member and a community leader.  
  1. The Platform contains proprietary and confidential information and is protected by intellectual property and other laws. Unless expressly permitted by Cross Media through this Agreement, the Community Leader agrees, whether directly or indirectly, not to:  
  1. use, sponsor, store, copy, modify, publish, publicly display, publicly perform, distribute or make any derivative works of the Platform or any part thereof;  
  1. To delete or change ownership notices;  
  1. Reverse engineer, disassemble, decompile or attempt to discover the source code or structure, sequence or mechanism of the Platform; and  
  1. Rent the Platform for commercial purposes not intended in this Agreement: to lease, resell, distribute etc.  The Community Leader also agrees not to use the Platform to collect: (i) the personal data of others, unless required to manage or participate in groups or events, or (ii) sensitive personal data (health information, social information, etc) as defined or handled by applicable law. This includes security numbers and other national identification numbers, but these are just examples). The Community Leader also agrees to comply with English export control laws. The Community Leader also states that it is not subject to and embargo by the UK Government, is not located in a country designated by the British government as a “state supporting terrorism,” and is not a person prohibited by the British government.  
  1. The Community Leader agrees, whether directly or indirectly, not to:  
  1. Make use of services involving “screen scraping”, “data scraping” or “web scraping”, whether using automated systems or software, or by third-party operations or otherwise;  
  1. Retrieve data from the Platform for commercial purposes not permitted by the Meetup groups and events policies;  
  1. Interfere with, interrupt or overburden the Platform or its systems, or overburdening them.  
  1. The Community Leader will use, retain and otherwise process personal data collected from the Platform in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, and solely for the purpose of managing and participating in HYPER JAPAN Group and HYPER JAPAN Events.  Without limitation, the Community Leader agrees to provide individuals with notices regarding the processing of personal data, obtain the necessary consent, and respond to requests from individuals, as required by applicable law. The Community Leader also agrees to protect such data from unauthorized access or processing. The Community Leader must promptly delete such personal data when it is no longer necessary for the purpose of managing the relevant HYPER JAPAN event, or when requested by Cross Media, and the deletion must be promptly performed.  



  1. Indemnification and Intellectual Property 

To the extent applicable under law, the Community Leader agrees that Cross Media shall not be liable in relation to the Community Leader’s transactions with third parties, interactions with Members, or anything related to the HYPER JAPAN Group or HYPER JAPAN Events.  The Community Leader also agrees that Cross Media will not be held responsible for Cross Media’s negligence regarding Cross Media’s Content, the HYPER JAPAN Group and HYPER JAPAN Events. 

  1. To the extent applicable under law and as pertains to Platform usage, the Community Leader agrees to indemnify Cross Media and our officers, directors, shareholders, agents, employees, consultants, parent companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, sponsors, and other third party partners (hereinafter “Cross Media Party”), against any claims, and direct and consequential damages arising in connection with transactions with third parties, interactions with Community Leaders and other Members or HYPER JAPAN events.  
  1. To the extent applicable law, the Community Leader agrees to compensate Cross Media if Cross Media is subject to any lawsuit in connection with The Community Leader’s use of the Platform.  To the extent applicable under law, the Community Leader agrees to indemnify and protect all Cross Media Parties from any claim from a third party that is caused by:  
  1. The Community Leader’s breach of this Agreement; 
  1. The Community Leader’s use, misuse or abuse of the HYPER JAPAN Platform;  
  1. Community Leader Content;  
  1. Laws, statutes, ordinances or regulations, or participation or action of the Community Leader who is in breach of the Community Leader’s rights to a third party; or  
  1. Breach of this Agreement at a HYPER JAPAN Event.  
  1. The Community Leader shall promptly notify Cross Media of any claims of a third party, cooperate with all Cross Media Parties in defending such claims, and pay all fees, expenses and expenses related to defending such claims. Further, the Community Leader agrees not to settle any claims without the prior written consent of Cross Media. 
  1. Cross Media’s trademarks, logos, service marks and service names (i.e. all that which bears HYPER JAPAN insignia) are Cross Media’s intellectual property. The Platform, including the materials on the platform (excluding Community Leader Content), is the intellectual property of Cross Media and its licensors. The Community Leader agrees not to use Cross Media’s intellectual property without the prior written consent of Cross Media. 


  1. These terms and conditions will be governed by English law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.