Cosplay Guidance

Regarding Cosplay Outfits:

  • We have a zero tolerance for nudity
  • Outfits must be no smaller than standard swimwear, however, as the costume will be judged at the entrance, please bring something to cover yourself with in case
  • Outfits which give the illusion of nudity are also not permitted
  • Be aware – if your costume is deemed offensive or inappropriate, you may be asked to leave.
  • Use your best judgement and refrain from wearing anything overly revealing.
  • Please also refrain from wearing outfits which are overly similar to those of actual civil servants, security personnel, or members of the military.

Behavior Guidelines


  • Be considerate towards fellow attendees.
  • Be considerate about the locations you pose for/take photographs.
  • Ask before taking a photograph of a Cosplayer.
  • Act responsibly with your cosplay props.


  • Block the central aisles where traders have their tables.
  • Take or pose for photos on the stairs.
  • Stand and pose in doorways and areas where people need to pass through or queue.
  • Act inappropriately with a prop (if it belongs to you or not).

Remember, if you can’t follow these guidelines, we will ask you to leave the event.

Regarding Cosplay Props:

  • Please read the detailed guidance on cosplay props here!
  • Bag searches will be carried out at the entrance and the organiser reserves the right to prohibit any items that are considered offensive or could cause harm.
  • If a part of your costume is not in accordance with these rules, the organisers will keep it for you while you enjoy the event.

Regarding Weapon Purchases

  • Detailed guidance on weapon purchases here!

The organisers reserve the right to make any final judgements on matters regarding cosplay outfits and props.

Following Olympia counsel, we recently announced some updated rules regarding cosplay props. Meanwhile, we’ve been listening to your various opinions and have been in ongoing negotiations with Olympia. As a result, we’ve been able to work out some updated rules and regulations for cosplay props which we believe will make everyone’s experience at HYPER JAPAN the best possible.

Cosplay Prop Guidance

Not allowed:

  • Firearms
  • Zombie blades
  • Realistic-looking replica guns
  • Realistic metal weapons
  • Props and/or weapons with sharp edges
  • Bokken (Wooden swords)
  • Wooden Staffs
  • Bows and crossbows
  • Unsecured whips
  • Pyrotechnics/explosives


  • Soft/foam/cardboard non-realistic weapons
  • Toy weapons (think Jedi lightsaber, or a Splatoon Inkling Splattershot Blaster)
  • Wooden Wizard wands

At the Door

  • CoEvent security at the visitor entrances will be determining which props will be allowed into the event. Please understand if security err on the side of caution and do not allow your prop inside the event, but security have the right to ban items as part of our entry process.
  • If your prop is not allowed into the event, you will be guided to a safe store room where your prop will be stored until you leave the event
  • Does it look real?
  • Does it look dangerous?
  • Does it have the potential to cause harm (intentionally or not intentionally)?
  • Could it be intimidating, or confusing to members of the public?
  • Not everyone knows about cosplay so please keep ALL props covered on the way to Olympia, as well as when going home.
  • There will be ZERO tolerance for anyone found to be intimidating the public with a replica weapon.