HYPER JAPAN and COSPO are giving 5 cosplayers the chance to have their cosplay projected on the electronic billboard next to SHIBUYA 109

  • Pre-registration 
  • From June 2021 
  • Audition period 
  • From 16:00 Saturday July 17 2021 to 15:59 Sunday August 8 2021 (BST) 

As part of HYPER JAPAN ONLINE 2021 five cosplayers will be featured: the three top-ranking HYPER JAPAN cosplayers and two other cosplayers. Photos and names will be posted as part of a commercial shown on a street “vision” electronic billboard in Shibuya, Tokyo! Plus – the highest-ranking cosplayers will get the most time on screen! 

Just sign up to the COSPO APP and promote yourself to the Shibuya crowds with your favourite cosplay shots! 

  • It doesn’t matter if the photos submitted for use in the CM are of original or copyrighted characters 
  • Cosplayers must submit their cosplayer name in English. 
  • The commercial is scheduled to air from early to mid-August. 
  • In-app rankings are displayed together for HYPER JAPAN participating cosplayers and other cosplayers. 
  • Cosplayers are identified from the app’s registration information. 
  • Overseas cosplayers who are selected will be notified via Twitter direct message or COSPO registered email address. 
  • If you do not submit a new photo after being notified of selection, we may use a photo from those you have posted via the COSPO app. 

✨Screening location✨ 

COSPO is a way to support your favourite cosplayers through KAWAII 

The VISION screen on the street next to the Shibuya 109 building overlooking the famous Shibuya crosswalk and statue of Hachiko!

How to participate as a user 

  • Download the free smartphone app “COSPO” 

Google Play:
Download HERE

Apple Store:
Download HERE

  • Participate via “KAWAII” (support) to post cosplayers / models during event entry in the app. 
  • Posts from cosplayers/models participating in the event will be made in order. 

How to participate as a cosplayer/model  

  • Download the free smartphone app “COSPO” 

Google Play:
Download HERE

Apple Store:
Download HERE

  • Method 1: Enter using the “event participation” button in the sidebar of the app 


  • Method 2: After noting the name of the event you want to attend and your COSPO contributor name, contact or the special LINE account for contributors. 

Notes for people participating as contributors 

Other photos of those selected may be used in COSPO adverts. 

  • Project management will contact those selected after the end of the project. Photos used on websites etc will be used as submitted. 
  • You must submit photos for use immediately after selection. 
  • As a rule, photos submitted should be only of the person selected, but please contact us if someone else is in the photo (only the name of the person selected will be shown). 
  • KAWAII JAPAN Ltd will create the design of contents to be shown. 
  • Project management will check the photos submitted by those selected and may ask for other photos to be used instead. 
  • You must submit photos for screening quickly after the audition is completed. If photos are submitted late it may not be possible to screen them. 
  • If anyone selected chooses to withdraw from the project, others may move up the ranking. 
  • When participating during the event period, the KAWAII pt total will be updated when project management issues notification that participation has ended. 

Please contact project management with any other inquiries. 

Terms and Conditions:

  • Screening order determined by ranking order, how photos are used and screening contents vary depending on project. 
  • Project contents may change with warning. 
  • Please use the “inquiries” section of the app to submit any inquiries regarding the project. 
  • Please note that due to unavoidable reasons we may not be able to screen photos at the planned time or location. 
  • If unfair action is discovered submissions will be invalidated. Please note that rankings may then change. 


  • Screening may be cancelled to due to various circumstances during the period of the project. 
  • Due to the screening medium the screening time may be slightly shorter or longer than planned.  

Discover the fun of being a cosplayer! Download the support app COSPO here. 

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