KitKat as part of your 5-A-Day?

Japan is known for its incredible selection of sweets. Not only do they have great diversity in product, but they also have great variation within the same product line! KitKat is so good in this respect, good luck finding the standard ones.

Enter the newest flavour, “KitKat Mainichi no Nuts & Cranberry Ruby” 「キットカット 毎日のナッツ&クランベリー ルビー」which loosely translates into “Your 5-A-Day nut and cranberry KitKat”.

It features not only nuts and dried cranberries, but also ruby chocolate that was launched to critical acclaim this January!

A plain chocolate version will also be available for those who want a more toned-down flavour.

Don’t forget the KitKat bites which will also be available in ruby and plain chocolate flavours! These go on sale across Japan and online from 25 March so if you want to be first, save the date!

Source: PR Times
[Original article in Japanese]