Lunchtime treat for cat lovers

❣️Serious Cuteness Alert❣️

In anticipation of Japan’s National Cat Day on February 22nd 2019 a Japanese bento lunch box company have released an irresistible new set of Lucky Cat Bento lunchboxes sure to send cat people wild with desire.

Designed to capture the hearts of cat lovers, the totally adorable reusable cat-shaped lunchboxes were first launched in 2017 and proved a massive hit at department stores, design fairs and festivals all over Japan.

Soon after launch, Instagram and other social media were buzzing with images of cat and kawaii enthusiasts enjoying their Neko lunch in a host of beautiful and amusing settings.

The new launch introduces three instantly loveable new members to the Lucky Cat Bento family – beautiful black & white Subaru, pretty Koharu, a pure white, and a cute tabby named Futa.

The new range is available around Japan from late January.

Fuku Neko Bento :

Source: @press
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