Pursue your destiny as a master fruit ninja with these katana-inspired kitchen knives


Japanese knives are universally regarded as the best of the best. Forged in the same way as katanas, the sharpness of these Hocho (包丁, or Japanese kitchen knives) are paralleled by none and many chefs all over the world, Michelin-starred and amateur home cooks alike, swear by these knives.

Gifu-based knife makers “Nikken Knives” have created a range of knives that really tickle your inner samurai-spirit. Allow me to introduce you to the Meitou-bouchou!

The knives are slightly smaller than the traditional santoku knives, and have a stainless steel blade which is 14cm in length. Complete with a katana-style handle and a matching sheath, they are perfect for those with a smaller kitchen or even for taking with you on outdoor trips! The stainless blade and sheath make the knives a breeze to maintain even for the messiest of us.

The creators have designed 3 different versions, each inspired by the katana used by a hero of the Sengoku or Bakumatsu era.

The Sakamoto Ryoma model, based on his sword “Mutsu no Kami Yoshiyuki” has a modern feel with its sleek black finish.
The Hijikata Toshizo model, based on his sword “Izumi no Kami Kanesada” is finished with ornate scrollwork on its bold red sheath.
The Oda Nobunaga model, based on his sword “Heshikiri Hasebe” is as bold as its wielder, with a bright red handle and black-and-yellow sheath.

If that wasn’t enough to stoke your inner Bushido, Nikken Knives have also produced chopping boards to match. Each engraved with the house sigil of our three heroes, the boards have a built-in stand so you needn’t worry about storage space and can always have your beautiful appliance on full display!

The Nobunaga model chopping board with his Oda-Mokkoumon (織田木瓜紋) sigil. This sliced cucumber/gourd (yes, really) may not be as fear-inducing as a dire wolf or a golden lion, but it would certainly look great in my kitchen!

“I’m not into cooking but I still want to get into the samurai spirit!” I can hear some of you saying, worry not, as Nikken Knives have created other, smaller blades which look just as good!

The Nobunaga model Katana scissors, complete with a 24k gold-plated sheath and an evocative wooden case would make a great gift for that special someone.

Or my personal favourite; the Nobunaga letter opener, I’m captured by the beautiful rippling on the blade of this one. While I can’t say I ever have any letters to open, it would still look lovely being unused on my desk.

Not only are these items guaranteed to be super sharp, but they will bring you great joy as you slice through that juicy tomato just as a samurai would cut down his foe. If you’ve been thinking that it’s about time to replace the blunt IKEA knife in your drawer, what better replacement than a set of katanas.


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