Silkworms and firetrucks; the answer to silky smooth skin?

Allow me to introduce the “KINUAMI”, a kickstarter product which promises you the smoothest skin a shower can provide.

This shower system, which you would install into your bathroom like any other shower, has a little trick up its pipe. By keeping the system topped up with the included body soap liquid, you can enjoy a foamy spa treatment after every shower!

Intended as a post-wash skin care treatment, one is advised to wash your body thoroughly before lathering yourself with the foam. The shower system lets you swap between the foam and normal water with the flick of a switch, so you needn’t worry about rinsing.

The secret of the foam is in the soap itself. The KINUAMI soap has a high content of fibroin protein obtained from silk, the kind that comes from worms! This silk protein is supposedly highly moisturising and protects the skin from the sun and other conditions which may produce melanin, thus leaving your skin as clear as pure silk.

The soap; made up of fibroin, silk-based amino acids and 9 other botanical oils, is pressurised through the specialised shower system to create the rich, creamy foam that you see. The manufacturer has gone through rigorous testing of different soaps, shower heads and pressurising mechanisms, over the course of 3 years, to finally provide you with the perfect foam texture.

Nitto Cera, the company behind KINUAMI had joined forces with Morita Group, who have been manufacturing fire trucks and fire extinguishers for 110 years. Foaming technology used in modern day fire fighting was directly applied to the engineering of the shower. Nitto Cera claim that it is this collaboration of 2 completely unrelated fields, which allow for new and innovative product creation.

The shower unit itself has a minimalist design, which should blend right into anybody’s bathroom. In order to provide the silky, foamy feel, the unit has a seamless design with no corners, and a soft, matte finish. It should be noted however that the product is designed with Japanese unit-baths in mind (compact and high-tech) and will most likely have to be redesigned if it were to be used in western style bathrooms.

The product, which has sold out on its kickstarter site, is currently patent pending with hopes of future mass production.

Would you want to have this in your bathroom, to add a spa-routine to your daily life, or is it a gimmick that you can live without? Please let us know what you think over on our facebook page!

Source: Makuake

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