Sleeping in noodles? It may sound like a glutton’s dream but with these Udon-duvets you can say goodbye to sleepless nights!

One Kyoto-based company has come up with an ingenious alternative to commonplace sleepware which we never knew we needed; the answer to good sleep lies in noodle-shaped duvets, apparently.

If you’ve eaten udon noodles before, I’m sure you were intoxicated by their pure softness and gentle chew, and were no doubt hoping to come across a bowl big enough that you could sleep in, well now you can! These duvets are specially designed to match that amazing texture, cradling you into a gentle sleep.

When asked why futons and bedding are generally square, bedding manufacturers answered that it’s because they are easy to make cheaply. When a third of our living life is spent asleep, why should we fit our needs around cost in expense of our own comfort? Once you remove yourself of hang-ups to the rectangular form of bedding we are all so used to, the possibilities are endless.

The duvets are made up of vertical and horizontal pieces resembling those soft and delicious udon noodles, these can be linked and unlinked easily, to allow for a highly versatile and customisable sleep. Whether you like to sleep with your feet out, bum tucked in or cuddling a plush toy in the foetal position, with the ability to easily turn and adjust in your sleep you are assured not to wake up in the night.

These duvets can cater for even the messiest of sleepers, and for all you technophiles, your phone is just an easy slip of the hand away. With the attachable pillow included with the duvet, you can cocoon yourself into a blissful noodle-pot.

The adjustable nature of these duvets are highly practical in other ways too; it is known that bedding can harbour many microscopic pests such as bedbugs and dust mites, with some claiming there to be over 100,000 mites and their carcasses on and in each duvet! Yuck! These are usually dealt with regular washing at high heats, however most household washing machines are too small to fit large duvets and most resort to going to the dry-cleaners, or not washing the duvets at all, I can’t even remember when I last washed my sheets!

You won’t be troubled with such dilemmas with the udon noodles though, once separated, the individual noodles can easily fit in any washing machine, and yes they are fully machine-washable!

The developing company “Goku-Nokimochi” are originally one of Japan’s leading head-massagists. With spa locations throughout Japan and one in New York, they have over a decade’s experience in helping people relax and kick back.

“Our core body temperature is the key to a good quality sleep,” they claim, “when temperatures within the brain or internal organs drop by just 0.4°C, our bodies enter deep, non-REM sleep. We at Goku-Nokimochi touch people directly on the head to reduce their core temperature, inducing a deep state of sleep. Most people thermo-regulate through their hands and feet, with their surface temperature increasing by around 1.5°C as they lose heat from their core, but when these extremities are kept warm through your sleep it can disturb this thermoregulation and ultimately lead to restless nights. In reality, the ideal duvet before sleep and during sleep are two different things. With the ability to easily regulate this even while unconscious, the udon-duvets will provide you with the best sleep through ideal thermoregulation.

So if you weren’t excited by the idea of noodle-beds already, these are backed by science to give you better sleep at a cool price of 16,800 yen (160USD). Is this the future of sleeping? Let us know what you think.


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