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Fashion Craft Online Workshop with Jessica Corlett & Flapjac Fashion-craft Events


Jessica Corlett & Flapjac Fashion-craft Events

Flapjac Fashion-craft Events specialise in running textile craft activities.  A regular at HYPER JAPAN, our workshops always combine traditional Japanese crafts with cute and fun current trends.  Popular past HYPER JAPAN workshops have included needle felting, teru teru bozu and everyone’s favourite fluffy snow rabbits.


Ticket Price:
Single Ticket: £8
Family Ticket: £15
*Family ticket allows up to 4 people to participate with 1 access

Saturday 8th August 2pm Kanzashi Flowers 2 hours Workshop

Learn simple techniques to create stunning Kanzashi Flowers. Its origami done with fabric!

Traditionally Kanzashi where made from tiny squares of left-over kimono silk. They are worn as hair ornaments with kimono and yukata as Japanese festivals. The flowers themselves are super simple to make and only require a little beginner level hand sewing. Even a novice can create attractive results first time.
You can make them from any leftover thin fabric you have lying around in your house. You only need small pieces. It could be some precious scraps of silk or an old colourful t-shirt.
Your handmade flowers can then be turned into hair accessories, brooches or attached to whatever creative project you like.

Materials needed/prepared
· Fabric scraps. Thin fabric works best. Silks, cotton and synthetics are all good options.(minimum 5cm square ideally)
· Needle and thread
· Beads or buttons
· Scissors
· Ruler
· Scrap paper

Suitable for all ages.(under 8 years old may need adult supervision)

Saturday 22nd August 2pm Japanese Tin Art Charms and Decorations 2 hours Workshop

Have you ever tried embossing metal?
Do you have any old tin takeaway trays lying around your house?

In this workshop we will show you how to turn your empty metal takeaway trays into glittering embossed ornaments with 3D designs inspired by Japanese characters and motifs. They really shine and look lovely hung in a window catching the light. Or you could make a matching set to decorate your Christmas tree. Once you have learnt this technique, we guarantee you will be upcycling all your metal trays into glossy gift tags and decorations.

Materials needed/prepared
· Empty clean tin takeaway trays or any metal dish that a ready meal or pie comes in.
· A spoon
· A tea towel (not your favourite one)
· Paper and pencil
· A pointed (but not sharp) tool. This could be a chopstick, a knitting needle, or a pencil.
· Scissors
· Sharpies or permanent markers in different colours (optional). Red and black are useful colours to have. Do not worry if you don’t have any markers, because these tin charms look stunning in just silver.
· Ribbon or string to hang up your charm with.

Suitable for all ages. (under 8 years old may need adult supervision). Cutting tin trays with regular scissors does not normally result in sharp edges but please be aware that young children my require some supervision.

Jessica is a full-time Arts & Events coordinator based in London. She also runs the Otome Sewing Bee, a J-fashion and pretty vintage dressmaking and craft workshop events group.

Message to HYPER JAPAN fans:Hi everyone! I hope you can all come and join me for some fun and friendly online craft workshops. Bring your favourite hot drink and snacks. There is no dresscode… come wearing your favourite t-shirt and jeans, j-fashion or your pyjamas! We don’t care. X

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jessicaflapjac
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jessica_flapjac/

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