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Exhibitor Terms and Conditions


Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

In these terms and conditions the term “Organiser” in all cases refers to Cross Media Ltd; the term “Event” in all cases refers to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018; the term “Exhibitor” in all cases refers to any person, firm, company, association or organisation to whom or which space has been allocated for the purpose of exhibiting at the Event. Participation in the Event by the Exhibitor is subject to agreement to the terms and conditions set out by the Organiser herein and pursuant to any further clauses and conditions as determined by the Organiser.

In addition to the provisions of this document, the Exhibitor or any representative thereof must undertake to comply with all of the conditions set out in the Exhibitor Manual, a copy of which will be delivered to the Exhibitor by the Organiser in advance, and to observe all of the restrictions contained therein.

The dates, period of duration, venue, venue opening and closing times and entrance fee for the Event will be determined by the Organiser, and are subject to alteration at the free and sole discretion of the Organiser.

Any matters not expressly covered by the terms and conditions herein shall be subject to the free and sole discretion of the Organiser. The Organiser reserves the right to supplement these terms and conditions with new clauses from time to time as required.

  1. Participation, Payment, Termination
    1. Participation in the Event by the Exhibitor is pursuant to the terms and conditions contained herein and subject to the submission of a completed Application Form, signed by the person who will be responsible for the booth at the Event, by the Exhibitor to the Organiser and subject to the contracted booth rental and any supplementary costs arising thereof having been received in full by the Organiser within the payment period indicated on the Application Form and at the latest by 16th October 2018.
    2. Booth rental shall be determined solely and freely by the Organiser and may be changed by the Organiser pursuant to changes in the components thereof (including but not limited to equipment costs, staff costs, transportation costs, service costs and social and tax clauses).
    3. In the event that the Exhibitor wishes to cancel his or her booth space booking once the Application Form has been received and acknowledged, the Exhibitor shall be liable to pay the Organiser a cancellation fee as follows: where cancellation is between six and three months prior to the Event the Exhibitor shall pay the Organiser 50% of the total amount payable and where cancellation is within three months of the Event the Exhibitor shall pay the Organiser 100% of the total amount payable.
    4. If, for any reason, the Exhibitor fails to take possession of his or her booth before or during the Event, the Exhibitor will be considered to have forgone his or her right to participation, and the amount received as payment for the booth, as well as any payments outstanding, will be considered the property of the Organiser. Even in those cases where the Organiser has been able to assign the forgone booth space to another interested party, the Exhibitor is not entitled to any repayment or compensation from the Organiser in respect of the forgone booth, and the Organiser is able to use the payment received from the Exhibitor in respect of the forgone booth freely.
    5. The Exhibitor shall bear any bank expenses due on payments to the Organiser in respect of the Event.
    6. If the Event is cancelled, in whole or in part by reason of force majeure, unforeseeable event or unavoidable economic circumstance, all participation already acknowledged by the Organiser shall be cancelled pursuant, and the Organiser shall reimburse the Exhibitor with that proportion of any payment(s) made by the Exhibitor remaining after the Organiser has settled any necessary expenses.
    7. Only the Exhibitor listed in the Application Form may exhibit in the booth or the space rented to the Exhibitor. The joint exhibition of the Exhibitor with a third-party person, firm, company, association or organisation who is not listed in the Application form requires the express prior approval of the Organiser.
    8. Implementation of any additional features at the event, including special exhibitions, guests, or stage contents, and planning and management of the official event website and content within, is under the jurisdiction of the event organisers, and in no way linked to contracted exhibitors or sponsors. As such, organiser may cancel or alter event contents without notice to exhibitors or sponsors; under these circumstances, exhibitor or sponsor contract cannot be changed.
  2. Termination
    1. The Company may terminate this agreement with immediate effect by giving written notice to you if:
      1. the Company is unable to provide or reasonably believes that it will be unable to provide your exhibition stand due to any circumstance not within the Company’s reasonable control;
      2. You take any step or action in connection with its entering administration, provisional liquidation or any composition or arrangement with its creditors (other than in relation to a solvent restructuring), being wound up (whether voluntarily or by order of the court, unless for the purpose of a solvent restructuring), havinga receiver appointed to any of its assets or ceasing to carry on business or, if the step or action is taken in another jurisdiction, in connection with any analogous procedure in the relevant jurisdiction;
      3. you fail to pay any amount due under this agreement on the due date for payment; or
      4. you commit any breach of the provisions of this agreement.
  3. Transportation, Installation & Removal, Access
    1. Responsibility for any relevant customs clearance procedures in relation to equipment or goods from overseas lies solely with the Exhibitor. The Organiser shall not bear any responsibility for any unexpected problems that arise during customs clearance.
    2. The Exhibitor shall be solely responsible for the receipt to all equipment and goods addressed to him or her. The Exhibitor shall adhere to the conditions stipulated in the Exhibitor Manual with regard to the loading and unloading of equipment and goods at the Venue.
    3. No equipment can be delivered or installed in the Venue before the set-up date and time stipulated in the Exhibitor Manual, for any reason.
    4. The Exhibitor, or any agent thereof, is solely responsible for the transportation, receipt at and sending of packages to the Venue, and for verification of the contents thereof. In the event that neither the Exhibitor, nor any representative thereof, is present to receive packages sent to the Venue for the Exhibitor, the Organiser may, at its sole discretion, take temporary possession of the packages, or return the goods as it sees fits, at the full responsibility of the Exhibitor.
    5. Transportation and parking within the Venue site shall be subject to the regulations of Tobacco Dock. Neither the Venue nor the Organiser shall take any responsibility for any theft, accidents or other incidents resulting from use of parking space at the Venue site.
    6. The Exhibitor shall remove all property from the Venue on Sunday 18th November 2018 by the time stipulated in the Exhibitor Manual. The Exhibitor shall be liable to pay the Organiser late fees and compensation in the event of non-compliance with this deadline.
    7. The Exhibitor, or any agent thereof, has sole responsibility for any work carried out by service contractors on behalf of the Exhibitor or any agent thereof. Responsibility for any damage caused by contractors lies solely with the contracting Exhibitor, and the Exhibitor will be liable to pay the Organiser all costs, whether direct or indirect, arising from such damage.
    8. Times when the venue can be accessed are stipulated in the Exhibitor Manual. It will not be possible to access the Venue outside of these times, for any reason.
    9. Access to the venue can only be gained on presentation of the official pass provided by the Organiser.
  4. Booth Facilities and Decoration
    1. The Exhibitor shall adhere to the regulations on booth equipment and interior decoration stipulated in the Exhibitor Manual, including regulations on health and safety standards.
    2. The Exhibitor, or any agent thereof, must remove all booth installations by the date and time stipulated elsewhere by the Organiser. After this stipulated time, no packaging, equipment, or vehicles for transportation can be kept or remain on the venue site, and neither the Exhibitor nor any contracted service providers can enter or remain within the venue, regardless of whether such will cause damage or loss to the Exhibitor or the service provider, and regardless of the reason for the delay in removal.
    3. The Organiser retains the right to alter or remove any booth equipment or internal decoration deemed detrimental to the overall appearance of the Event or any which present a danger or obstacle either to Event attendees or other exhibiting parties.
    4. During the duration of the Event, the Exhibitor shall not, for any reason, place goods in the gangways of the venue. Any goods so placed must be immediately removed as directed by the Organiser, or otherwise will be confiscated by the Organiser.
    5. The Exhibitor must use the space allocated to him or her as it is allocated, and must leave it in the same condition as when it was allocated. Any damage to equipment, the venue building, the flooring and so on caused by installations or goods belonging to the Exhibitor shall be the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor and the Organiser will charge the Exhibitor any repair costs that arise accordingly.
    6. Where the Exhibitor requests changes be made to his or her booth at the Event (such as the relocation or removal of partition walls), all supplementary costs incurred will be charged directly to the Exhibitor by the Venue setup contractor.
    7. The Organiser shall bear no responsibility for any disagreements between the Exhibitor and any staff employed by or commissioned by the Exhibitor to undertake work relating to or during the Event.
    8. The Exhibitor shall write up a Method Statement and Risk Assessment for each booth he or she has been allocated, and must submit these to the Organiser at the latest by 24th September 2018. Failure to perform this duty will result in the Venue’s local council withholding their permission for the Exhibitor to exhibit, and the Exhibitor’s Fee and optional Items Fee will moreover not be refunded.
  5. Booth Allocation
    1. The Organiser shall freely and solely allocate booth space by drawing up a booth layout for the Event. The Organiser shall, wherever possible, take into consideration the Exhibitor’s goods, the nature of services being provided, and/or the date on which the Application Form was submitted. The Organiser will inform the Exhibitor of the location of the booth which has been allocated to the Exhibitor by means of the booth layout. The Exhibitor should refer to the Exhibitor Manual for information on when the booth layout will be released.
    2. The booth layout shall come into effect on the day on which it is drawn up, and the layout is subject to occasional subsequent alterations by the Organiser.
  6. Surveillance & Cleaning
    1. During Event opening hours, surveillance of the Exhibitor’s booth shall, in principle, be the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor. Equally, surveillance of the Exhibitor’s equipment and goods during installation and removal shall be the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor.
    2. The Organiser shall be responsible for the cleaning of communal areas, including but not limited to gangways, the stage, and the food area. The Exhibitor shall adhere to the regulations and conditions on maintaining cleanliness with his or her allocated booth as set out in the Exhibitor Manual.
    3. If the Exhibitor intends to make use of goods and food products which will generate waste, the Exhibitor shall be responsible for providing appropriate waste collection facilities, such as refuse sacks, and for keeping the area(s) around the booth clean and clear from waste. Other regulations on refuse and waste disposal are stipulated in the Exhibitor Manual.
  7. Loss, Breakages & Insurance
    1. The Organiser shall not bear any responsibility for any loss or breakage to items or goods exhibited by the Exhibitor. Valuables are the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor.
    2. The Exhibitor shall take out a Public Liability Insurance policy covering third party injury and the destruction, damage, loss or theft of goods. A copy of the relevant certificate of insurance shall be provided to the Organiser at the latest by Monday 24th September 2018.
  8. General Conditions
    1. Items exhibited and goods shall not be illegal, offensive or obscene. The Organiser reserves the right to solely and freely determine whether an item or good is inappropriate for exhibition at the Event and to demand the cessation of its exhibition or sales. This right also applies in all cases where a dispute has arisen between copyright owners, manufacturers, distributors or any other related parties with regard to an item or good being exhibited or sold at the Event.
    2. The Exhibitor waives the right to make any claim to the Organiser with regard to the use or broadcast of any images or footage of the Exhibitor’s booth, panels, logos, staff, goods, and/or services on television, video, DVD or any other media (including but not limited to books and pamphlets) both in the UK and overseas, when deemed necessary for the promotion or operation of the Event. All booth staff, contracted parties and joint contractors shall be required by the Organiser to similarly agree to this waiver.
    3. Upon signing the contract, the Exhibitor assumes responsibility to conform to all U.K. laws relating to activities such as advertising and sales generated from your exhibit at the Event. This includes acquisition of visa, customs charges, meeting stipulations for food / chemical management and treatment, etc.
    4. These terms and conditions and all other regulations to which participation in the Event is subject are subject to and shall be construed in accordance with English law, and the Organiser and Exhibitor agree that the English courts shall have jurisdiction over any disputes arising hereunder.



Cross Media Ltd. (以下「主催者」)により主催されるHYPER JAPAN Winter 2018(以下「イベント」)への参加は、この規約への同意を前提とする。




  1. 参加の認可・支払い・解約
    1. 出展者の参加は、全ての必要事項が記入されブース責任者によりサインがされた出展申込書が、期日までに主催者に届けられ、更にブースの賃貸料及び付属する経費の支払いが、請求書及び該当する規約に明記された支払期日内かつ2018年10月16日までに完了した場合にのみ認可される。
    2. ブース料金は主催者によって決定され、その料金構成内容(機材費、人件費、交通費、サービス、また社会・税務条項)の変更のために主催者によって変更されることがある。
    3. 出展のキャンセルについては、イベント開催日の3〜6ヵ月以前のキャンセルは合計金額の50%、3ヵ月以内の解約は合計金額の100%の解約料が発生する。
    4. 理由の如何に関わらず、イベント開催中にブースを放棄した場合は、出展者は参加放棄とみなされ、ブース賃貸料として支払われた代金、又は支払われるべき一部又は全ての残金は、主催者に帰属する。出展者がブースを放棄した、若しくは参加要件を満たさず放棄したとみなされる場合は、出展者はブースに関して何らの権利や賠償も要求することはできない。
    5. 銀行の振り込み手数料、海外送金手数料などの送金時に発生する手数料は、全て出展者の負担とする。
    6. 重大且つ予想不可能な、又は経済的な理由によりイベントが中止になった場合、その時点で既に認可されている参加も中止となり、支払われた代金は、必要経費を全て支払った後、各出展者の支払い額に応じて各者に返金されることとする.
    7. 出展ブース及びスペースでの出展は、申込書に記載された企業もしくは個人のみが可能とする。申込書に記載されていない第三者の企業もしくは個人がそのブース内に共同出展する場合には、主催者から事前に許可を得る必要がある。 イベント内で開催される催事、特別展示、招待ゲスト、ステージコンテンツを含むあらゆるイベントの構成要素、及び、オフィシャルウェブサイトの企画・運営は、別途主催者によって許可されたものを除き、主催者によって行われる。主催者はイベント構成要素はスポンサー・出展者に事前に通知することなく変更もしくは中止することができる。その場合でも契約者及び出展者は契約を変更または破棄することは出来ない。
  2. 解約
    1. 主催者は以下の場合、出展者に対し書面にて通知することにより当契約を直ちに解約することができる。
      1. 主催者のコントロールできないやむおえない事情により、各出展者ブースを出展社に提供できないと主催者が判断した場合、または、合理的な理由に基づき提供困難であると判断した場合。
      2. 出展者が破産管財手続または仮清算の手続を開始した場合、または、債権者との交渉に入った場合(支払能力がある状態での経営再構築の場合は外く)、或いは、自発的又は裁判命令に関わらず出展企業が解散状況にある場合(但し、支払能力がある状態での経営再構築の場合は除く。)、出展者の資産管理について管財人が指定された場合、出展者が事業の継続を停止している場合、または、他の裁判管轄において同様の手続やなんらかの措置が開始された場合。
      3. 本契約書に定められた支払うべき金額を出展者が期限迄に支払わなかった場合。
      4. 出展者が本契約書の定める内容に違反した場合。
  3. 輸送・搬出入・アクセス
    1. イギリス国外からの機材や商品に関する通関手続きを行うのは各出展者の義務とする。主催者はこれらの手続きの際の、突発的に起こり得る問題において責任を負うことはない。
    2. 各出展者は自身で、自身に宛てられた機材や商品の運送と受け取りを行う。機材や商品の搬出入については別途マニュアルの指示に従う義務がある。
    3. 決められた設営日・時間の前は、如何なる機材もイベント会場に持ち込んではならない。
    4. 出展者又はその委任者は、荷物の運送、受取、発送、及び荷物の中身の証明に対して、全ての責任を負う。出展者自身、又はその代理人が荷物の受取時にいない場合、主催者は出展者の費用と全責任によって、一時保管、又は返送する場合がある。
    5. 会場の敷地内における交通や駐車に関して、出展者は会場であるOlympia  Londonの規約に従わなければならない。駐車場内での盗難、事故、トラブルには、会場及び主催者は一切責任を負わないものとする。
    6. 商品や機材・装飾・梱包物・廃棄物をはじめ出展にあたる全物品の撤去は、イベント最終日2018年11月18日(日曜日)の、別途渡される出展者マニュアルに記載された時間までに終えなければならない。この撤去期限の日時を守らなかった場合、主催者はその出展者に対して損害金と違約金の支払いを要求する。 主催者は、上記の撤去期限を過ぎても置かれた物品を主催者判断により処理する権利を有し、処理撤去における全費用は出展者が負担する。
    7. 出展者またはその委任者は、サービス請負業者の作業に関して全責任を負う。請負業者の介入によって何らかの損害が生じた場合、責任は出展者が負うものとし、主催者は損害額全額を出展者に要求する。
    8. 会場へのアクセス時間は別途出展者マニュアルに記載された時間に限定され、それ以外の時間については会場に立ち入ることは出来ない。
    9. 主催者から発行されたPass(バッジ)を提示することなく、イベント会場に入場することは出来ない。
  4. ブース設備・装飾
    1. ブースの内装・設備は、出展者の責任の下、別途出展者に配られる出展者マニュアル及び法定の安全基準を順守しなければならない。
    2. 出展者又はその委任者は、主催者によって決められた日時までにブース設営を終えなければならない。日時が過ぎてからは、如何なる梱包物、機材、運送用の乗り物、外部の請負業者も、出展者にとっての損害・理由如何に関わらず、会場内に入ること、居続けること、又は置かれたままにすることはできない。
    3. ブース内装・設備がイベントの基本概観を損なう場合や、周囲の出展者や来場者を邪魔する場合、主催者はそれを変更したり、削除する権利を保持するものとする。
    4. イベントの会期中、出展者がいかなる物品も会場通路に置くことは禁止する。主催者の許可なく通路に置かれた物品は、主催者が出展者の責任で直ちに撤去することを命ずることができる。もしくは主催者により没収される。
    5. 出展者は割り当てられた出展区画をそのまま使用し、使用後も同じ状態に戻さなければならない。会場施設並びに各機材や他者の保有物に対して汚損・破損が発生した場合は、出展者は修繕修理費を支払う義務を負う。また、出展者は自らの出展区画内で発生したあらゆる汚損・破損に対して、理由の如何を問わず修繕修理費を支払う義務を負う。
    6. 出展者が現場にてブース変更を依頼した場合(仕切り壁の移動など)、全ての追加料金は設営業者から出展者に直接請求されるものとする。
    7. 主催者は、出展者と従事者の間に争い事が起きた場合、責任は一切負わないものとする。
    8. 出展者は各々のブースについてのMethod Statement及びRisk Assessment及び該当する必要書類を2018年9月24 日までに主催者に提出しなければならない。これが履行されない場合は、会場のあるカウンシルからの出展許可が下りず、出展は認められない上、出展料やオプション備品料の払い戻しも行われない。
  5. ブースの割り当て
    1. 主催者はブース配置図を作成し、出展者の扱う商品、又はサービスの内容、参加申込みの登録日等を最大限に考慮しながら、主催者の判断でスペースの割り当てを行う。出展者に割り当てられたブースの場所は、ブース配置図を用いて出展者に知らされる。通知日程については出展者マニュアルを参照すること。
    2. ブース配置図の内容はその作成日に有効のものであり、その後変更されることがある。
  6. 監視・清掃
    1. 一般に対して会場が開いている間は、ブースの監視は全て出展者の自己責任とする。同様に、ブースの設置及び解体の際は、その機材や商品が完全に撤去されるまでは出展者が監視の責任を負うものとする。
    2. 通路、ステージ、立食エリアなど公共エリアの清掃は主催者が保証する。個々出展ブース範囲内の清掃については別途出展者マニュアルに従うものとする。
    3. ゴミの出る商品・食品を販売・提供する出展者は、各自でゴミ箱を用意し、ブース周辺を清潔に保たなくてはならない。ゴミの処理の仕方については、別途出展者マニュアルに従うものとする。
  7. 紛失・破損・保証
    1. 展示物・商品の紛失、破損については主催者は一切責任を負わず、貴重品などは各出展社の責任にて管理するものとする。
    2. 出展者は、第三者に対する損害及び展示品や器物の破壊、損傷、紛失、盗難を補償する一般損害賠償責任保険(Public Liability Insurance)に保険に加入している必要があり、その証書を2018年9月24日までに主催者に提出する義務がある。
  8. その他
    1. 出展物、商品は、公序良俗に反しないものに限る。会場にて主催者が不適当と判断した物及び行為、また、著作者、製造社、ディストリビューター等とトラブルが発生した物及び行為については、主催者は展示・販売を中止を命じることができる。
    2. 出展者は主催者及びメディア制作者やディストリビューターに対して、自身の映像や、ブース、看板、ロゴ、スタッフ、商品、サービスの画像及び映像が、イベントの必要性により、英国内外でのテレビやビデオ、DVD、その他全ての媒体(書籍、パンフレット)において放映または利用されることに関して同意したものと見做す。出展者は前もって、そのブーススタッフ、下請け、共同契約者から同意を得るものとする。
    3. 出展者は、英国の法律によって定められた、出展及びそれに準じて行われる宣伝・販売行為に必要な条件を各自で充たす責任があり、出展者による契約書への署名は、出展者がその責任を引き受けたものと同義と見なされる。その条件とは、ビザの取得、関税の支払い、食品・薬品管理・施術などに必要な資格所有を指す。
    4. イベントの開催に当たり、開催地である英国及びEnglandの法律が全ての場合に適用される。主催者と出展者の間において生じる紛争・訴訟の一切についてもEnglandの法律が適用され、Englandにある裁判所をその第一審管轄裁判所とする。
    5. 本規約内容は適宜更新されるが、の掲載内容をHYPER JAPAN Winter 2018参加規約として常に適用致します。