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What we do at #HJ2020

lowiro will be showcasing its mobile rhythm game Arcaea at Hyper Japan X. With over 150 songs by over 80 artists from around the world, Arcaea is a novel take on the genre, featuring unique sky and arc note inputs in addition to traditional rhythm gameplay. It also features a rich story and cast of characters.

We will have tablets set up with every song in the game free to play so that new players and veterans alike can stop by and try them out. Everyone is welcome! We may also be distributing promotional flyers and buttons to those interested.


Founded with a single goal to create unforgettable story-driven games, lowiro brings together skills from all over the world to craft what we are truly passionate about. We strive for perfection and to push the boundaries of established formats, focusing on creating the experiences we personally want to create and making them available to the entire world.