20/20 Ticket Campaign

20/20 Ticket Campaign 2020 March.

What is the 20/20 Ticket Campaign?

The 20/20 Ticket Campaign is our way of giving back to some of the fans who have supported us over the 10 years that HYPER JAPAN has been bringing various elements of Japanese culture to the UK. Each month, we think that it will be nice to reward 20 fans excited for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2020 by giving them a 100% refund on their ticket cost (up to 2 tickets per winner) as well as the chance to win some exclusive prizes!

How does the 20/20 Ticket Campaign work?

The only purchase necessary to enter the campaign is that of your purchase to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2020 and authorize with the Gleam form! Upon entering your order number into the website and performing the relevant action on the campaign page, you will be registered for that month’s draw.

On the 20th of that month, at 7:10am, 20 winners will be chosen! On top of that, we will sometimes also have special “Prize Months” where our wonderful partners will also be rewarding fans with prizes on top of the ticket refund!

If you were unlucky and didn’t win one month, fret not! You can use the same ticket to enter again next month! The earlier you buy your ticket, the more chances you have to enter the draw!

What are the dates for the 20/20 Ticket Campaign?

The Campaign will be active as soon as ticket sales go live on the 29th of November. The first draw will take place on the 20th of December 2019 and the last draw will take place on the 10th July 2020, the first day of HYPER JAPAN Festival 2020.