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What we do at #HJ2020

◆JAPANESE LANGUAGE MINI-LESSON – Will conduct 10 to 15-minute Japanese language demonstration lessons to show ECC's dynamic and fun Japanese language learning experience.
Students taking a demonstration lesson will be encouraged to stand up, move and talk while switching partners and more.

The following ‘three pillars’ of our school also explain the uniqueness of our lessons.

1. Learner-centred - Instead of learning passively, ECC encourages you to actively acquire your exclusive Japanese language – “My Japanese”.
2. Fun in learning - Having fun motivates you to learn more. Enjoyable and fulfilling classes are waiting for you at ECC.
3. Real life learning - ECC always seeks to create a classroom directly connected to real life in Japan.

Now, take a glance at one of our demonstrations:

A lesson – “Can I have that one?” – Join in the following conversation thoroughly in Japanese… don't worry: you will be able to be a part of the exciting real-life communication in just a short time.

A: Excuse me, can I have that one?
B: Here you are.
A: Thank you!
B: You are welcome.

A game – “How many things can you get in Japanese?” – Now, try to ask native Japanese person around you for a brochure, a pen or any other give-away thing as many as possible in 5 minutes.

A wrap-up – Look back the exchange you made through a short game with the board on the wall. Also, we will give you a booklet to reflect your Japanese language experience.

…We are looking forward to stimulating or accelerating your interest in learning Japanese!
Mini-lessons scheduled approximately once every 2 hours.

Target guest students are total beginners. However for students whose level is higher, we are planning a number of more advanced demonstration lessons.

COUNSELLING – Our staff will be ready to both explain and answer your questions on studying Japanese in Japan with us, ECC.

GIFT – we have a small gift for you if you can join us at our booth!


ECC began as a small English conversation school in 1962. Since then, we have spent countless hours developing ways to better achieve our goal of training students to become truly internationally-minded people with strong leadership skills, and to also help connect people with others, and to their future.
As pioneers of the English language education field in Japan, ECC has long been committed to training teachers to be experts in foreign language studies.

This experience and expertise has continued through to our Japanese language education programs. In the 27 years since the founding of our Japanese language institute in 1992, we have continued to transform large numbers of foreign exchange students into talented individuals who can flourish in the global community.

Our main objective, encapsulated in our slogan “Beyond Japanese”, is to help our students realize their goals that lie beyond simply learning Japanese. Our entire teaching staff, while keeping in mind why learning Japanese is essential for each student, work tirelessly to provide individual students with the guidance necessary to achieve their target level of Japanese language ability, and to also achieve their goals that lie beyond learning Japanese.

ECC has three Japanese language schools in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kobe. The courses offered by our institution are for students who need to study Japanese for various purposes, such as entering into a Japanese university, graduate program, or vocational college. Our aim is to enrich our student’s lives and make it possible for them to flourish in their chosen endeavors.