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European-Japanese art collective Japone Artists consists of Japanese artists, based in The Netherlands, Germany and Japan, who perform a mixture of traditional and contemporary arts on the international stage. The theatrical shows that Japone Artists present contain many elements of beauty, drama, humour, projection art and original or remixed stories. Since starting activities in 2016, the group has been performing at several events with a focus on Japanese culture based in Europe and after joining HYPER JAPAN ONLINE last year, they are finally able to perform a musical performance on the physical stage of HYPER JAPAN Festival 2022.

The latest works of Japone Artists include music projects, “The Terra”, their first digital single conveying an important message regarding Mother Earth and “Toryanse”, a new take on a traditional Japanese children’s song. For the performance at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2022, four members of Japone Artists will join to present a wonderful musical performance mixed with breathtaking sword fighting and martial arts.

Show at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2022


Sat 23 Jul
Festival Stage

Japone Artists

Japone Artists @ Festival Stage