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What we do at #HJ2020

TCG tournament running
How to play decks/ instructions
Japanese Rare card display
TCG card displays - pokemon yugioh magic dbz


Kawaii City Games is a UK based Trading Card Game and Japanese Exclusive Vendor. We specialize in all things Japan and pride ourselves on delivering 100% Official Merchandise from all around the world. Our TCG stock includes but is not limited to; Poke’mon, Yu-gi-oh, Magic, and Dragonball. Not only do we sell cards, but we also BUY and TRADE so please feel free to bring those cards you found in the loft or those you no longer play. We also stock, Pokemon plush, anime figures, pop vinyl figures, retro games, Japanese exclusive merch and handmade kawaii goods. We look forward to you serving you :3 Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita