Kawatsura Lacquerware by Sato-Shoji

Natural wood, Natural urushi and the work of artisans

Kawatsura lacquerware is a traditional Japanese craft from Akita Prefecture with a rich history passed down from generation to generation for 800 years. It is made from 100% natural wood and urushi lacquer, and you will be amazed by its lightness and endurance as well as its heat resistance, thermal insulation, oil resistance, and antibacterial properties. 

One of the special characteristics of Kawatsura lacquerware is called ‘hananuri’ – the thick and glossy final coating which brings out the rich texture of the urushi lacquer itself. This coating means that the shine and colour will become more beautiful with every use. 

Discover and enjoy the exceptional craftsmanship of Kawatsura at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2024.