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What we do at #HJ2020

Our maid cafe is your mansion that you return home to. You are taken care of by all of your maids and butlers!
We will serve you tea and cake casting special spells with love to make your tea taste even better! For your enjoyment, we shall sing and dance,
as well as play a variety of games with you. If you want a special memento of your time at home, we offer an instant photo service, where you can have your very own photo with a chosen maid of butler!

The maids and butlers each have a unique personality and appearance that fall into archetypes found in anime & manga, so we hope
you find someone you enjoy interacting with! We hope to transport you into the world of 2.5D (somewhere in between real life and anime!)



Maids Of England, or MOE, is a maid café, that will transport you into the fantasy realm of 2.5D!

Maid cafés are themed cafes where the staff dress as maids or butlers
and treat you as the masters of the mansion!
They serve you special food and have entertainment times where they perform songs and dances. Please relax and enjoy your stay.

Maids Of England have been operating since July 2011; currently longest-running maid cafe in the UK. We are a fusion English and Japanese maid cafe and have uniquely incorporated the beauty of both cultures, as our philosophy is 60% Japanese, 40% English. While we follow most Japanese maid cafe customs (such as types of food, sauce art, magic spells and idol entertainment), we also have aspects unique to us, such as a mix of maids and butlers, as well as ethnic diversity within the staff.

The abbreviation MOE references the Japanese word “moe”, connoting a burning desire and passion for a character due to their certain traits. All our maids and butlers carry the essence of “moe” and we believe there is someone for everybody’s meaning of “moe”!