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We have been producing and distributing a variety of sauces and other cooking ingredients around the globe since 1922, which is about 100 years ago. We believe that okonomiyaki can be recognized as a “Japanese borderless food” which is loved by people in the world. Our mission is to share the flavours of Japan around the globe.

Okonomiyaki is a traditional Japanese dish with historical significance. It started as an efficient way to prepare a nutritious meal during wartime, then it evolved into a beloved dish that can be found everywhere in Japan.

In its simplest form, it is made of batter and cabbage with a variety of other ingredients depending on the region and preference. As the word “お好み(okonomi)” means “to one’s liking”, Okonomiyaki has many different variations. However, every Okonomiyaki is finished with a special sauce that was developed by our company’s founder, Seiichi Sasaki. Traditional Okonomiyaki is characterized by its savory batter with vegetables and meats complemented by sweet, smokey Okonomi sauce.

Three Features of Otafuku’s OKONOMI SAUCE

-For kinds of vegetables, dates, apples, and a unique selection of spices are blended together for…

The seven kinds of fruits and vegetables are: tomato, apple, onion, dates, carrot, garlic and shiitake mushroom. The naturally sweet and savory fruits and vegetables are blended with rich spices to create a delectable Sweet & Savory sauce.

-Our Company has been in the business 100 years! OKONOMI SAUCE has been our Signature Sauce Since 1952!

Crafted by the masters, our OKONOMI SAUCE has been gradually improved and refined by taking into account the opinions of our customers. This is the signature sauce of Otafuku, the top sauce producer in Japan.

-Vegan for everyone to enjoy! High Quality ingredients ensure great flavour.

Vegan customers can also enjoy our sauce, we are careful not to include any animal derivatives, such as pork, chicken or oyster extract. By keeping a close eye on the raw ingredients and repeatedly refining our process, we are able to ensure a vegan sauce without losing any flavour.