A New Face, Your New Star! 2& is coming to the HYPER Live! Stage.

We are thrilled to announce another performer coming to the HYPER Live! Stage at next summer’s HYPER JAPAN Festival.

2&, pronounced “double and” is Chitose Saki, an idol from Tokyo who released her debut album in 2015 and has been gaining fans and popularity ever since.

2& has appeared at various conventions across Asia and has been touring hard in the UK over the past couple of years, first on the 2018 Black Winds of Albion tour, with Necronomidol and Zekkyousuru, and later headlining the follow-up Indie, Idol and Infamous tour in 2019. Fans who saw 2& at these shows now have another chance to catch her at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2020.

2& live performances are dynamic and unique, including music, singing, lights and even gymnastics, and we are sure that the HYPER Live! audience will be excited to welcome Saki to the stage.

We will release more details about the HYPER Live! Stage in the new year so stay tuned to find out more.

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