Get your first look at HYPER JAPAN’s brand new poster!

This year we go full on festival with a fresh and funky design!

If the illustration style looks familiar, that’s because the illustrator is last year’s HYPER Anime Contest winner, Inko. With her combination of stylish, fun and kawaii, we knew she’d be the perfect choice for HYPER JAPAN.

The girl’s name is “Natchan” and she embodies everything we love about Japan, music, fashion, food, anime, the modern and the traditional all in one sassy little package.

At the natsu matsuri (summer festival) you’ll find her doing traditional festival activities like eating yakisoba, dressing up in kimono and kitsune masks, and enjoying the fireworks on a warm Summer evening.

The illustration is aimed to be a treasure chest that contains all sorts of excitement and fun elements of Summer festival in Japan (seasonal flowers, stall foods, fireworks, music, ahh yes!) which is a gift for all people looking at the image. The particular part I had passion for is the accessories the girl is wearing. I wanted her to dress in crossing over traditional and modern Kawaii fashion!

Inko, The Illustrator

Inko will also be exhibiting in the HYPER Market this year. Along with selling her original works, she has told us she is open for commissions in case you want your own unique piece of art to take home.

For more information about Inko, and our other fringe table artists see our HYPER market portal: