Old meets new: presenting bouncy shamisen pop fusion from Yuzu Natsumi!

Japan is a land where pop culture and traditional culture both flourish. It was only a matter of time before they were combined in a fun and fresh performer.

HYPER JAPAN is not all 3D holograms and state of the art technology. Sometimes we like to give you something traditional. This year we look forward to showcasing Yuzu Natsumi in her first UK live show.

Fresh from performing around the world in France, India, Thailand and America, Yuzu Natsumi brings some beauty and sophistication to the stage at HYPER JAPAN with her blend of folk and popular music. Playing on the shamisen (Japanese traditional stringed instrument) and singing in a host of traditional styles from min’yo to kiyari with her own catchy pop flavour.

If you can’t wait to hear more of her unique singing voice, head over to Yuzu’s YouTube where you can hear both traditional folk song and some highly original covers.

Check out Yuzu Natsumi on the HYPER Live! Stage July 10th-12th at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2020

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