The anime sensation, “The Garden of Words” springs to life on the stage!

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We’ve got loads of amazing content planned for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2020 that we’re working on behind the scenes, but what about afterwards? If you’re still craving a unique experience that champions both British and Japanese talent – you should definitely consider checking out Whole Hog Theatre’s next Anime stage production. Whole Hog Theatre will also be at Hyper Japan 2020 to talk about their work and give a little flavour of the production.

Whole Hog Theatre’s new production, “The Garden of Words”, is based on the Anime by Makoto Shinkai and CoMix Wave Films, the world-renowned creators of the international sensation ‘your name’.

From the Park Theatre’s official website:

The Whole Hog Theatre specialise in creating Anglo-Japanese adaptations with emerging artists. Their work in the UK and Japan aims to challenge stereotypes, champion diversity and encourage new audiences to the theatre. They’ve since established a base in Tokyo in 2015, where they forge new collaborations and connect British and Japanese artists.

Rainy season. Tokyo. Akizuki is skipping class; Yukino should be at work.

When a student and an older woman meet by chance whilst seeking solace in a Japanese garden, their mutual feelings of alienation draw them together. But a truth is about to be uncovered. The friendship that could save them might also ruin them…

The Garden of Words is a modern Tokyo tale inspired by ancient Man’yōshū poetry. The subtle drama explores invisible disability, loss of human connection in a digital world, and the moral line between platonic and romantic longing. It’s a female-led project, which aims to bring together Japanese and British creatives, encourage diverse new audiences, and challenge stereotypes about anime and Japan.

This interdisciplinary adaptation delves into Shinkai’s visually emotive story through puppetry, movement and projection art.

Performed in English with occasional Japanese.

If this interest you, tickets are available to be booked now via the official website: or for ticket PLUS an EXCLUSIVE SIGNED POSTER only for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2020 visitors – please check out the ticket page!