Jikan Dojo

Category: Martial Arts | Show Time: J-Culture Showcase


Jikan Dojo is a community club teaching authentic traditional Japanese martial arts in East London. These include karate, jujutsu and swordsmanship. Jikan Dojo is also the headquarters of Jikan Budokai International Association. Our goal is to spread and preserve the teachings of these arts and in doing so foster the development of mind, body and spirit. We reach out to the wider community to empower the vulnerable and mentor the young, and to make a positive contribution to the lives of our members through the ancient traditions we practice. The high quality of training focuses on physical, mental and moral development geared towards self-defense, healthy living and far beyond.

They will perform Traditional Japanase Jujutsu Shibukawa Ichi Ryu Jujutsu, Oishi Shinkage Ryu Kenjutsu (Kenjutsu) and Muso Shinden Eishin Ryu Iai Heiho (Iaijutsu).