Sōsuishi-ryū Seirenkan Eikoku Keikokai 双水執流清漣館英國稽古会

Category: Martial Arts | Show Time: J-Culture Showcase

What we do at #HJ2020

A demonstration of Classical Japanese martial arts from the Sōsuishi-ryū tradition.

Kumiuchi (組討) is an older form of jūjutsu, incorporating the use of weaponry, throwing, joint locking, body displacement and striking.

Koshi No Mawari (腰之廻) is the swordsmanship element of the tradition. It teaches battō (sword drawing and cutting in a single movement), kenjutsu (fencing) and kodachijutsu (short sword fencing)

The Sōsuishi-ryū Seirenkan Eikoku Keikokai is headed by Stephen Delaney, who has been a member of Sōsuishi-ryū for over twenty years and is a shihan-dai (representative of the headmaster) at the Tōkyō Seirenkan dōjō.

The group will demonstrate several skills sets of kumiuchi, koshi no mawari and higher level techniques.


Sōsuishi-ryū Seirenkan Eikoku Keikokai 双水執流清漣館英國稽古会

Sōsuishi-ryū is a school of Classical Japanese martial arts from the early Edo-Jidai specialising in kumiuchi (unarmed combat) and koshi no mawari (swordsmanship) from the Tōrenji feudal domain (Present day Fukuoka & Oita) in Kyūshū.

The founder, Futagami Hannosuke Masaaki learned Takenouchi-ryū (One of Japan’s oldest documented jūjutsu systems) and his family style of Futagami-ryū.