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Premiering at the HYPER JAPAN: KEWPIE, Japan’s No.1 Mayonnaise

Exciting news! Join us for the debut of KEWPIE at the HYPER JAPAN Festival 2024. This is your chance to try and take home Japan’s most renowned mayo, beloved by food lovers worldwide!

KEWPIE mayo is famous for its creamy, tangy flavour that brings out the umami in every dish. What sets it apart? While regular mayo uses whole eggs, KEWPIE sticks to just the yolks, giving it an ultra-smooth texture and that signature yellow hue. This unique process gives our mayo its distinct taste and luxurious quality, making it a must-have in any kitchen. KEWPIE’s other favourite, Deep Roasted Sesame Dressing, will also be available.

Swing by the KEWPIE stand to savour a sample and discover why it’s a staple in Japanese cuisine.