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Unique Shopping Opportunities

HYPER JAPAN will be bursting at the seams with activities, food and drink, and shows, as well as totally unique shopping opportunities!

Whether you are interested in acquiring a delicate piece of traditional art, or grabbing some Tokyo street fashion inspired fluoro accessories, you’ll find it here. There are goods on offer to suit any taste, ranging from bargain kawaii accessories and toys to premium sake and stylishly presented Japanese sweets. We have a mind boggling range of unusual Japanese snacks, as well as art works, traditional crafts like brushes, exquisite ceramics and tableware pieces for the more discerning customer. There will also be artists both from Japan and Japanese-inspired with prints and artbooks full of their work for you to peruse. Kimono and Japanese gifts such as fans and statues rub shoulders with authentic Japanese cooking utensils, prop versions of anime/game character accessories, precision-engineered bonsai tools, and more!