Japanese cocktail-making workshop with Ryu Okada 

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Get ready to shake things up with our Japanese Cocktail Making Workshop, hosted by the talented mixologist Ryu Okada. Ryu is no stranger to the art of cocktail making. Having conducted the workshop last year, Ryu is back by popular demand for 2024, ready to share his expertise and passion for Japanese cocktails once again.  

Join the workshop for an exciting journey into the world of Japanese cocktails, where you’ll learn to craft delicious drinks using premium Japanese alcohol and easily accessible ingredients.  

No experience is needed, you just come along and join in and enjoy making a cocktail. 


What You Will Learn 

During the workshop, Ryu will showcase four different cocktails featuring Japanese alcohol, each with its unique flavour. From classic favourites to inventive creations, you’ll be treated to a variety of drinks that highlight the sophistication and versatility of Japanese spirits. Ryu’s expert guidance and easy-to-follow instructions will ensure that you master the art of cocktail-making. This workshop is guaranteed to leave you feeling confident and ready to impress your friends and family with your newfound mixology skills. 

What You Can Bring Home 

While you may not be able to take home the cocktails themselves, you’ll leave the workshop with the knowledge and confidence to recreate these delicious drinks in the comfort of your own home. Armed with Ryu’s expert tips and tricks, you’ll be well-equipped to impress your friends and family with your bartending skills. 

Products from Takara Shuzo to be used in cocktails  

Cheers to enjoying the ultimate at-home cocktail experience! 

Shirakabegura MIO Sparkling Sake  

This is a delightful sparkling sake crafted from rice and rice koji. It boasts a smooth, low-alcohol profile and delivers a delightful combination of fruity flavour, subtle sweetness, and refreshing bubbles. ABV: 5% 

Yamanashi white peach liqueur “Yamanashi White Peach” 

Made with luscious white peach juice sourced from Yamanashi Prefecture, the largest peach producer in Japan, this liqueur captures the full-bodied aroma and rich flavour of white peaches. ABV: 12% 

Takara Shimane Shine Muscat Sake 

 Considered one of the juicy, sweet, thick flesh and unique refreshing aroma, the muscat grapes are brewed with barrel-aged shochu. Enjoy the mellow sweetness and refreshing scent of the Shine Muscat. ABV: 12% 

Hokkaido Melon Sake Furano Melon 

This luxury liqueur features the well-mellowed aroma and rich sweetness of melons. It is rare in that the melons used are 100% fresh melons from Furano, Hokkaido, one of Japan’s best-known melon producing areas. Enjoy the flavour of bursting Hokkaido melon’s sweetness and aroma. ABV: 12% 

Workshop at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2024


Sun 21 Jul

Sake Cocktail Making Sunday 1

Try making a Japanese cocktail and have 4 different cocktails! Kanpai!!


Sun 21 Jul

Sake Cocktail Making Sunday 2

Try making a Japanese cocktail and have 4 different cocktails! Kanpai!!


Sun 21 Jul

Sake Cocktail Making Sunday 3

Try making a Japanese cocktail and have 4 different cocktails! Kanpai!!

Special Notes:

* You must be 18 or over to join this workshop. (Please bring your ID with you on the day of the workshop, will check your age.)

* You will need a separate ticket for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2024 for the same date.

Ryu Okada


Owner of mobile cocktail bar company Kampai Cocktails and the newly launched drinks brand Wicker Basket.

Ryu started his bartending career in London in early 2000 and his passion for the noble art of mixology and balancing the very finest cocktails has taken him to some of the best establishments in the industry such as Bar Detroit, Roka and Ronni Scotts.

He also works with the UK government (DEFRA) to help promote British produced alcoholic beverages such as gins, whiskies and sparkling wines, to the Japanese market.

He previously worked in the French restaurant industry in Tokyo for 4 years and gained Sommelier diploma in 2008 (Japan Sommelier Association).