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Shops and Restaurants in the UK with Authentic Japanese Foods and Ingredients

Do you know what a “Japanese Food Supporter” is? They are shops and restaurants that have received the official seal of approval from Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

The Japanese Food Supporter Program certifies shops and restaurants that sell or use authentic, high-quality Japanese foods and alcohols. On 7 March, the stores HIS JAPAN PREMIUM FOOD & TRAVEL in LONDON and Sakaya at Pantechnicon; and the restaurants Sachi at Pantechnicon, Sakana Oxford, Monohon Ramen, and Issho-ni, a ceremony was held in London to mark the addition of six UK shops and restaurants to the list in 2021.

One of these restaurants, Sachi at Pantechnicon, presents dishes that combine traditional Japanese seasoning with fresh British ingredients. It also holds workshops to deepen understanding of Japanese food and sake, such as miso making master classes and sake and cheese pairings.

HIS JAPAN PREMIUM FOOD & TRAVEL in LONDON was also added to the list. The shop aims to let people in the UK experience and taste the charms of Japan, directly importing and selling local specialties from all over of Japan.

Look out for the official Japanese Food Supporter logo.

As of February 2022, the Japanese Food Supporter Program covers 8,097 restaurants and shops. Of those, 34 restaurants and 5 shops are in the UK.

Here’s a full list of all the shops selling authentic Japanese ingredients and all the restaurants serving up a true taste of Japan!




Japan Centre

Sakaya at Pantechnicon

Urban Merchants Ltd.


Benihana Chelsea and Piccadilly

Café Mori

Endo at Rotunda


Kanada-Ya Angel, Covent Garden and Haymarket

Kyubi, The Arts Club


Monohon Ramen


Sachi at Pantechnicon

Sakana Oxford

Shoryu go

Shoryu Ramen (Carnaby, Covent Garden, Liverpool Street, Manchester, New Oxford Street, Oxford, Regent Street, Shoreditch, Soho, Westfield Strantford)

So Restaurant

Sushi Bar HanaMatsuri



UMU Restaurant

Yashin Ocean House

Yashin sushi

Yen London

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