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Enter the Mushroom Kingdom in 2021

Ever since Universal Studios Japan announced their plans to create a Mario themed Super Nintendo World in their Osaka theme park, we’ve been hungry for information. That announcement came way back in 2016 and we’ve seen some unexpected delays, but we’re finally closing in on the opening date of February 4th. In a few months social media should be full of photos taken by visitors and the park will be open for all to see. Until then it’s up to USJ what we get to see, and they’ve finally made some key information public…

Powering up Super Nintendo Land!

We now have a map of the area, complete with labels showing us the name of each attraction waiting for opening day!

Reading clockwise from the top left, this map shows:

Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge, Koopa’s Kastle, Mt. Beanpole, Yoshi’s Adventure, 1 Up Factory, Peach’s Castle, Stop! Piranha Plant Panic, Take Aim! Koopa Troopa POW Block Punch, Kinopio’s Café

Lets-a go!

What’s a theme park without rides? One of the most highly anticipated attractions in Super Nintendo Land is the Mario Kart challenge, although you won’t get the chance to drive this one yourself. It seems like Universal Studio has really put some effort into this ride, understandable since Mario Kart has been such a popular game for so long. Like some of the other rides at the park the challenge will have real life effects like heat and steam, but there’ll also be a VR headset to wear as you ride! Wearing these special Mario caps you’ll be able to throw virtual Koopa shells to collect points and hit opponents, making this a real competition.

There’s also the Yoshi Adventure ride which was made with a dash of inspiration from ‘Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker’. It seems a little slower paced, but still has an interactive element as you search for eggs with a special map.

Bringing Video Games to life!

Through the technological magic of Universal Studio’s brand new ‘Power Up Bands’ visitors can start interacting with different areas of the park, earn coins and try to reach high scores. It’s been slowly becoming clear how these wrist bands will work, and now we know exactly where they’ll be most important. If you dare venture into the Koopa Troopa POW Block or Piranha Plant territories, it seems like you’ll be met with enemies to conquer. Keep fighting through Mario’s opponents and special areas will be unlocked in the park, as well as a chance to try and take on Bowser Jr.

When You Need a Break from Saving the Kingdom

Those who prefer to wander around rather than travel by rollercoaster are likely to check out the more laidback attractions. Kinopio’s (that’s Toad’s Japanese name) Café, is complete with a mushroom themed menu, and the 1-Up Factory is full of merchandise unique to the park.

There will be even more to discover, but until those gates open next year (hopefully) we’ll just have to stay patient.

Image Source: PR Times, Universal Studios Japan


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