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Pokemon Illumination Is Going to Make a Lot of Pokemon Fans Happy This Winter

Pikachu’s lightning bolt is lighting the way for this holiday light display at Lake Sagami Resort.

Image Source: Lake Sagami Resort

Pokemon lovers, rejoice, this is the holiday light show for you! Every year when the weather starts to cool, Japan begins to glow with the light of “illumination” events, where millions of lights will light up gardensamusement parkshotelsshopping malls, and more. One of those yearly light displays happens at Lake Sagami Resort, west of Tokyo, where six million bulbs glitter after dark. This year, however, part of the illumination has an unusual themeーPokemon! Pikachu, Eevee, and quite a few other popular pocket monsters are making an appearance at this unique Pokemon event.

Image Source: Lake Sagami Resort

The event is broken up into four main areas, with their own themes and highlights. The Eevee & Friends Rainbow Chairlift is a must-see for anyone who loves the Eeveelutions, especially with the uniquely-patterned rainbow stripe based on Umbreon’s markings. A whopping 36 different Pokemon can be found on the Pokemon Ferris Wheel, on the other hand, and along the Pokemon Street are quite a few spots to take pictures with your favorite Pokemon, including starters from a number of generations, and in front of glittering car-sized poke balls. Finally, Pikachu’s Forest of Light is, unsurprisingly, the place to immerse yourself in Pikachu madness. From human-sized Pikachus to Pikachus towering overhead, it’s Pikachu heaven.

Image Source: Lake Sagami Resort

The illumination lasts from November 14th, 2020 to April 4th, 2021, but throughout that period the park will also host a number of limited-period Pokemon events, like a special Pikachu-themed light show reserved only for weekends and holidays, and special Pikachu photo sessions.

Image Source: Lake Sagami Resort

Of course, no Pokemon event (least of all one held in Japan!) would be complete without limited-edition Pokemon merchandise! Visitors who order food or drinks at the resort’s restaurant “Wild Dining” receive a free Pokemon Illumination placemat or coaster, and those who spend more than 3,000 yen on Pokemon goods at the Pleasure Station gift shop have the chance to receive a Pokemon Illumination tote bag.

Illumination lovers and die-hard Pokemon fans alike are sure to enjoy this unusual event!

Lake Sagami Pokemon Illumination
Official Website (jp)
Find more details on the Pokemon Illumination here, on our event page.

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