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Sailor Moon celebrates 25th anniversary; fights… headaches?

Sailor Moon is a massively successful franchise and it’s celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! Entire generations of young children grew up in Japan and abroad watching the adventures of Usagi and her friends, and so there’s no doubting the power of this franchise.

In a somewhat unusual collaborative effort, the pharmaceutial giant LION has introduced a Sailor Moon themed Bufferin headache medicine. In case you’re wondering what a popular anime heroine has to do with headache medicine, LION has a Bufferin Luna, and since Luna is literally “moon” in Latin, not to mention the name of her cat…

The campaign is aimed primarily at women, as a recent survey by LION found that a significant number of female respondents had “trouble carrying out housework” or “trouble concentrating at work”  from having to deal with pain. Sailor Moon remains popular among Japanese women of working age, and helps promote the image of a strong, independent female character.

Source: @Press
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