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The HYPER Anime Contest 2019 will have two main categories and we are really looking forward to seeing the submissions for them both.

Closing Date for Entries

9th June 2019

Category A: HYPER JAPAN 10th Anniversary

2020 marks the 10th Anniversary of the first every HYPER JAPAN and we want to celebrate this with a special poster which we are inviting you to design.

Category B: S&B Curry

Amongst other delicious treats, S&B Foods are famous for their popular and super yummy Golden Curry. We want you to design a curry-themed graphic which could be turned into an animation. This winner of this category will take part in the 2020 Pop Art Award and the eventual winner may even have their animated short be used by S&B in one of their online campaigns!
Thema: Kastu curry or Japanese curry

Entry Conditions

All entries must be new and unpublished works.
The copyright to all music, pictures, animation etc. used in the entered work must be held by the contestant.

Terms and Conditions