Please read and agree, in order to take part in the Ticket Affiliate Program.

Cross Media Ltd., henceforth referred to as ‘CM’, ‘Company’ or ‘we’ and Ticket Affiliate, henceforth referred to as ‘Affiliate’ or ‘you’ do hereby agree to the following Terms and conditions laid out in this document, as they pertain to any performance(s) carried out at the HYPER JAPAN Festival 2022, henceforth referred to as ‘Event’, held from 22nd to 24th July 2022 at Evolution London, Battersea Park, Chelsea Bridge, Queenstown Rd, London SW11 4NJ. This document will also serve as a contract to your performance(s) at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2022.

By agreeing to this Agreement, it is understood that the Affiliate agrees to the following Terms.

  • General Conditions for the Event, including:
    • The Day, Time and Duration of the Event;
    • Location;
    • Ticket Sales Platform, where applicable; and
    • Ticket Price, where applicable
  • are all to be decided by CM and may be amended by CM as necessary.

Ticket Sales on Ticket Sales Platform and Affiliate Payment:

  • CM will manage monies obtained from Ticket Sales; 
  • £0.50 GBP will be paid to the Affiliate from each ticket sale made via the event ticketing platform Eventbrite using the unique code provided to Affiliate by Cross Media;
  • Affiliate Ticket sales program applies only to General Admission tickets and 3 Day Pass tickets only.
  • Number of tickets sold and code usage will be monitored on the ticketing platform;
  • Payment will be made within 60 days of the event close by bank transfer to a selected UK bank account;
  • Any bank transfer fee will be deducted from payment;
  • CM will manage VAT payment in relation to Ticket Sales. 

Tax Matters: 

  • The Affiliate is not an employee of CM, and is therefore responsible for the payment of his or her own tax on any monies earnt in the course of work carried out on behalf of CM. 


  • Cancellation may occur when both CM and the Affiliate agree to do so. 
  • In the event that one party is unable to meet the obligations of participation and chooses to cancel, the party wishing to cancel will be responsible for any loss attributable to the cancellation.              
  • Reasons for cancellation outside the ability of CM or the Affiliate to predict, affect, or solve, shall not be grounds for liability. 
  • In case of, but not limited to, fire, explosion, riot, theft, strike, closure, infectious disease, natural disaster or any such matter outside of the reasonable control of CM or the Affiliate, the following matters shall not be considered a breach of this Agreement for either CM or the Affiliate: 
  • Change to or Postponement of Event Period;
  • Change to Preparation and/or Clear-up Conditions;
  • Change of Preparation Period;
  • Cancellation or Postponement of part or all of the Event including the Performance;
  • Change of Venue and Method;
  • Some or all of the Performance are affected by Third Party matters;
  • The number of spectator decreases or there are no spectators;
  • The amenities provided to the Affiliate break down or are reduced; and
  • This Agreement will be governed by English law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.