Aya Burbanks


Artist - Sumi-e/Calligraphy &Western art

Aya grew up in Sakurajima Island in Kagoshima, Japan that has the active volcano & one of the most scenic place in Japan.  Surround by her art-loving family, she started to learn calligraphy from an early age and her love for art has never stopped growing since then.

As an artist, Aya enjoys all kinds of painting with her specialities in Sumi-e ink painting and Japanese calligraphy  –  both of which she holds master license. Her favourite Japanese artists are Hokusai and Hiroshige. She has been actively involved with promotion of Japanese traditional culture in the U.K. through her calligraphy and art works & teaching. Her latest commissioned calligraphy works will be displayed at English Heritage site in 2022.

Since the very beginning of HYPER JAPAN in 2010, her Japanese art workshops have been one of the most popular workshops and she is a huge supporter and fan of HYPER JAPAN.  For online sessions at HYPER JAPAN, she will share her love of Japanese art & drawing in a form of greeting cards for your special occasions so that you can share Japanese beauty with someone you care.

Aya will host Japanese Mask Making workshops at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2022.

Past Events