Chieko Smith


Japanese Wagashi Traditional Sweets Artist

Chieko Smith has a passion. It is to introduce the beauty and elegance of wagashi – traditional Japanese confectionery – to new enthusiasts in the West.

In London she teaches wagashi-making at hugely popular workshops, supervises events pairing wagashi with tea and sake, and makes bespoke wagashi for private and retail clients. Her particular passion is researching the history of wagashi and the history of tea (including afternoon tea) across the globe.

She also collects the traditional wooden moulds used to create the beautiful sugar sweets called wasanbon, and has conducted workshops to teach the making of wasanbon sugar candies. Also Chieko is a certified tea sommelier, and a certified Japanese Tea Advisor.

Find her beautiful Wagashi creations on her instagram pages Chieko Smith and Tea House Hanatachibana

Chieko will host 2 of her popular Wasanbon Japanese Sugar Candy workshops at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2022.