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HYPER JAPAN Online Event Instructor

Yuko Boff


Member and lecturer of the “Omotesenke” Tea School

Used since ages past to welcome honoured guests and mark significant occasions, the ancient Japanese Tea Ceremony involves much more than simply preparing and serving tea. Sometimes known as the Way of Tea, it brings together many elements of Japanese culture and art: pottery; calligraphy; flower arrangement and kimonos; all suffused with the aesthetic and philosophy of Zen Buddhism. In a busy and sometimes ugly world, the Tea Ceremony offers a tranquil and beautiful space to clear the mind and soothe the soul. 

Learning the Tea Ceremony could fill several lifetimes. In her workshop, Yuko Boff will introduce you to one particular style: Ryurei-shiki. Originally introduced to welcome foreigners, it uses a table and chair. She will present and demonstrate some of the procedures and utensils to use, teach you how to attend a Tea Ceremony as either guest or host, and discuss the concepts which underlie the Way of Tea.

Yuko Kobayashi Boff is a member and lecturer of the “Omotesenke” Tea School and currently practices both in Japan and London.

Past Events

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