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What’s more exciting than a green tea Kit Kat?

Everybody loves green tea, and green tea flavoured things are everywhere, from Kit Kats to ice cream and everything in between. That slightly bitter taste on the sweet treats is a real fan favourite across the world. But now Ujimacha Curry have taken things one step further with their new green tea curry.

The prepacked chicken curry sauce can be ready to eat in just 2 minutes from the microwave. Diners report that at first impressions it smells like ordinary katsu curry, but the colour is somewhat off-putting.

But the most important thing with food is the taste, and surprising though it may be, this curry is being described as delicious. The initial taste is fairly similar to the kind of katsu curry that you can get anywhere with a nice kick of spiciness, but then with the aftertaste comes that unusual green tea flavour that really makes this a one-of-a-kind curry.

If you get a chance, this curry is a definitely worth a try, even if just for the Instagram kudos!


Original source: Pouch
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